Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jalyn's Reception

We celebrated the marriage of Jalyn and Bryce this weekend. Due to horrible rainy weather, Jalyn had to move the party indoors, but it looked great and you would NEVER have known it was a last minute effort. It was beautiful. Congrats to you both.

As was her dress.....LOVED it!

Kelsi hung out with the whole family.

But these two were the cutest ever! Hailey and Kelsi are best cousins. They are only 5 weeks apart and had SO much fun together.

They just danced non-stop.

Or played ring around the Rosy.

By the end of the night she was exhausted...which is just the way we like her! :)


museumeg said...

How fun! Jane has the same super cute dress Kelsi has. Such a cutie. I love how tired she looks in the last picture, like she just wants to go to bed.