Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween
I can't believe Halloween is over. October went by so fast, I still can't believe it. Kelsi and her classmates at Kindermusik were able to dress up this week. Kelsi is a cupcake and her friend is Dora! You may have seen pics of this little girl on our blog before...she has short curly blond hair so this wig cracks me up.

Some of her classmates...

Our little cupcake...

So cute!

I love this picture. I told Kelsi to go stand by Daddy and she ran over put her arm around him and said "CHEESE!" and then she was out of there. Such a poser.

Trick-or-treating at the church. We had a chili cook-off, games, scary maze and trick-or-treating of course!!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

John and I were able to go to DC for a few days this month. We left Kelsi with a good friend and with my MIL and while we missed her SOOO much, she didn't ask about us once. While that hurt my feelings a bit, I guess it is better than the opposite!
Well, our adventure started by heading to this hotel in Alexandria. It was nice on the outside...but a little dated on the inside....still..we had BEAUTIFUL views of DC especially at night. It was amazing.

The next morning we woke up early and got our comfortable shoes on and headed into the city.

We walked and walked and walked. My Capitol pictures are not uploading for some reason, so I will have to post those later. We started at the Capitol. We took a tour and then walked to the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian (those pics aren't cooperating either). We then headed towards the national mall and here is a picture of the Washington Monument with the Capitol in the background.

The Lincoln memorial.

John and Abe.

View from the top of the Lincoln memorial.

We walked to the Vietnam memorial. The weather was PERFECT for sightseeing. Mid 70's and overcast. The sun came out for about 30 min and I was SO happy that it went away because it was pretty humid but bearable without the sun.

SO many names.

We went to the Natural History museum.

That's the Hope Diamond in case you are wondering.

We ate here. It is the oldest restaurant in DC, started in 1856. It was delicious.

The next day we headed here to our next hotel. We had a view of an electrical unit, but the hotel was AMAZING. I was originally planning on attending just two lectures (one on managing finances and one on staffing) but the lecturers were so captivating and energetic that I stayed for the whole series. It was very motivating and inspiring. It was great to meet with other people in our situation and we learned some great pearls that we hope to implement soon.

We also got to meet up with my cousin Chase and his wife for dinner our last night. We had a great time and I hope to upload the rest of our pics soon. Check back later!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I took Kelsi to the little farm down near our house where she could feed the animals. It's a cute little place and she loved it even more than she did last year. Kelsi ran straight for the wagons.

She pulled it around everywhere.

She got to feed this Horse a whole carrot.

There were chickens, turkeys, geese, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, dogs and cats.

We took our annual "sit on a pumpkin" pictures.

Kelsi and her friend Jane with their treasures.

These four kiddos are all in Kindermusik together.

Last year I couldn't get Kelsi to sit on these props. What a difference a year makes.

Jane got to pull Kelsi around while mom looked for her keys that she thought she had lost in the pumpkin patch. Turns out they were in her purse all along. Silly mommy.

Friday, October 01, 2010

My friend's family has a wonderful condo up at Schweitzer mountain and she hosted a girls getaway last weekend. Below is the whole gang (minus Amy). It was so much fun. We all trickled in at different times on Friday and just hung out, talked and played games and stayed up WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too late.

Saturday morning we took a morning walk/hike around the resort. It was so beautiful.
After our hike, we headed back to the condo and had a great lunch and then I had to excuse myself to make it back for the RS broadcast that I was singing in (well, the program before the program) :P With NO sleep and not knowing my solo I was pretty emotional and nearly had a nervous breakdown on the way home since I could NOT get one part of the song down. Miraculously it went well and I was in bed just after 8pm. It was awesome.

It was so beautiful. This was our view from the condo. Can't wait till next year!!