Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My friend Shannon moved about an 1.5 away a few months ago. She and her family have been missed greatly. So, a few of us drove up to her house on a Friday night and surprised her and "kidnapped" her! She was blind folded for 45 minutes as we drove to Sandpoint and up to Schweitzer Mountain. It was a good thing we got there when we did, because Miss Shannon was starting to get carsick.

We guided her into our friend Nan's cabin where more of her friends were waiting to surprise her with a birthday sleepover.

As usual, it was a fun night of eating, playing games and talking.

We spoiled Shannon as much as we could since she really does deserve it.

We had a great, almost sleepless night!

Daddy/Daughter Date

Last month John took Kelsi out for breakfast and he bought her a bike. She was very excited to come home and ride it.

She has been getting some saddle time this Fall, and Daddy finally lowered her training wheels so she doesn't lean and fall over when she turns corners. HA!

She loves her bike!