Tuesday, September 11, 2007

29 weeks and ready to be done! Alas, there are 11 more weeks to go. My doctor appt went well today. Baby girl still has a healthy heart rate (160 bpm) and I am measuring at 30 cm which my doctor says is great. My beverage of choice for the glucose test this morning was fruit punch and wasn't as bad as I was told. Easy as punch. The only downside to my appt was again getting on that blasted scale. I had a huge gain this last month. I am up to a total of 30 lbs....gulp. I tried going off my nausea meds last weekend....needless to say, I am back on them. My biggest pain in the rear is literally a pain in the rear. For the last 2 weeks my siactic nerve has been acting up big time and I can't walk normally anymore. I limp around and wake up John every night from trying to turn over in bed. I really try to be quiet, but it hurts really bad. Hopefully, the baby will just decide to move and I can be pain free. My doctor appts are now every 2 weeks so we are nearing the end. Until next time...

John and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Here is a little close up shot of the happy couple. We have had so many expenses with our little one getting ready to make her debut that we kept a low profile this year by staying in. We celebrated the previous weekend by going to our favorite restaurant in town and setting up our stroller and play yard. :) Ahhh...that's right...keeping things fresh and exciting! We are so excited to expand our family and for the many years ahead.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I had the fabulous idea (thanks to Potterybarnkids.com) to make a pretty pink ribbon across my brown wall in the nursery. Trisha came over along with her daughter Ali and helped paint the room. As you can tell from our drafts, we did not have much success. So, we painted it all brown for now. Stay tuned for updated pictures. I am determined to make it cute...

This is a picture of my friend and hairstylist Wendie, me and one of my favorite people and maker of all three, yes three of my shower cakes, Lacey Port.

This is a picture with the pregnant ladies. We are all due between October 27th and Novemeber 30th. From Left to Right, Nicole, Trisha, me and Amanda.

Here are a couple more pics of me opening up a few gifts!

Kristin Folsom threw me a baby shower this week. I felt so blessed and loved to see how many of my friends came to show their love and support. This is a picture of me and Kristin.