Monday, January 31, 2011

ZUMBA Blast!
I have been a Zumba fanatic for a year now and the fever is not going away! A few Spokane instructors held a ZUMBA blast at a nightclub in downtown Spokane. So my zumba instructor and 5 friends drove down and had an AMAZING time. 2 hours of zumba and I was dripping with sweat and in need of some food...but it was awesome.

A photographer from ZLife magazine was there and I happened to be in a lot of the pics. It was a TINY nightclub and 107 of us zumba crazies packed the house.

I won a door prize for being the only one wearing the new "party hearty" zumba shirt which supports the AHA. Too bad my door prize was a gift cert to the bar. WATERS ALL AROUND!! LOL!

ALSO - John threw me a SURPRISE Zumba party for my 30th bday last week! More on that once I get all the pics loaded!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My new gig

I've been looking for a hobby/way to bring in a little extra cash for awhile now. Last spring/summer, my friend introduced me to airbrush is addicting and just makes me feel sooo good especially during the dreary months of no sun in the northwest. I don't do tanning beds...and the summer is short found myself wondering how the woman that tanned me got started. I found out from a close friend that her sister was a certified tan technician in Las Vegas and that I should look into it. I did....but was hesitant...long story short...I decided to go for it and have now been certified for just over 3 weeks. It is a lot of fun and I am so glad that I went for it.

Here's my tent!! I do this out of my house and also travel to others houses for tanning parties (which are my favorite - they are so fun!)

I have tanned about 30 people in the last 3 weeks and always forget to do before and afters...but here is ONE after picture that I took of these lovely ladies! next to my white little daughter. HAHA!

Visit my website at: for more information! You can even purchase products from the website. Flawless faces is THE best (solution comes in a small hairspray bottle...WAY better than makeup!)
What a fun adventure!!! I am loving it.