Friday, December 18, 2015

She's 8!

Somehow my baby turned 8. We are so proud of her and who she is and who she is becoming. She is such a good big sister, a wonderful example to us and all around her. She is smart, kind, silly and has the best laugh ever! 

Birthday boy!

Our favorite man had a birthday in November. He is the best Daddy and such a wonderful husband. We love him and are so blessed that he is in our lives.

A few touch-ups

I had the remodel itch this fall. My friend Heidi and I started by refinishing my banisters. They went from a maple to a beautiful white. My house was a mess for two days- but it was worth it. 
Then I brought in the big guns for some kitchen and bath upgrades. Here are some before/after a.
I'll post a picture of my main floor bath another day!


This year we had a puppy and a my little pony in our house. June especially was obsessed with all things Halloween this year! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015


How did my babies grow so fast!? 2nd grade and PRESCHOOL!!!

We also had a first for our family! A broken bone. June fell at the park and fractured her arm in two places. It was sad but she looked adorable in that tiny cast!
We ended our September in Sun Valley with friends for a mountain biking trip. I should have taken more pics.

Ending our summer right!

Summer in North Idaho is amazing and we soaked up every last bit of it at Silverwood, with family and friends on the lake!

Family Reunion

We took a road trip down to UT for the Calderwood family reunion in late July. We split the 10 hour drive into two days. Kelsi did great- we hardly knew she was in the car. June on the other hand let us know every 20 seconds that she needed something or had to go potty. 
Once we got to UT we had a great time! Waterpark and Calderwood jokes. Awesome!