Sunday, August 21, 2011

We love mud!

John and I...along with 17 other friends decided to run the dirty dash together. It was SOO much fun. To be honest, I was a little nervous because I had never run over 6 miles before. I actually have only been running just over 3 miles so I thought that I would be holding people back, but it was just so laid back and I was happy with my performance.

These our the manly men of the race. Jean cut offs and wife beater tanks. Awesome.

Here is a pic of the whole CLEAN gang (minus late Lizzie) before we headed over to Spokane.

We didn't want to take our camera on the race since we knew it would get trashed, but towards the end of the race, the path led us right by our car, so John ran out and grabbed it for a few shots. Overall, here is how our day went:

We arrived in time for our wave at 9:40am, but we were chatting and not paying attention when our wave started, so we were a little late out of the gate. We jogged about .25 mile till we got to the tires and then another .25 mile when we got to our first mud pit. Some of the boys didn't waste ANY time, and cannon balled RIGHT in. Then we ran for another .5 or so until we got to another mud pit and some mud tubes (which hurt btw - pebbles scraping your knees). Then it was just a run for the next mile or so when they had a pit stop of water and then another .5 mile or so until the lake where we could rinse off, clean out our shoes, rest if you wanted or just keep going. Then we crossed higher balance beams with another water pit stop at mile 3 and then another run until mile 4 or so where they had a beer/rootbeer chug. Then it was just a series of multiple bales of hay, more running, more balance beams, more mud pits, more mud tunnels until after mile 5 they had the most awesome water slide! Followed by half a dozen wall climbs and bales of hay and a final mud pit.

Our group had a lot of fun together. We walked, jogged, laughed and had a muddy good time.

Here is Kim and I going over one bale of straw.

After the race.

We are so hot.

After the race, we got to shower in freezing cold water with our friends.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. Bring it on Dirty Dash 2012!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Parents/ Trash Can dinner anyone?

My parents came up to visit us the first week of August. We had a great time even though my poor mom had a bad cold and my Dad had a pinched nerve in his shoulder.

The Griffitts clan invited us to a Trash Can dinner. I had never heard of this actually made me a little sick to my stomach to think about it...but we went! This is what we saw when we walked up to the house.

Mom, me & Tamar (and baby Zach of course)

My Dad his SIL's.

We are a classy bunch up here in Northern ID and only treat our guests to the best of dining.

The kids all had a great time. There was roughly about 30 to 35 people there.

The house was on Fernan Lake. It was a beautiful set up. There were games set up and plenty of seating for everyone.

Here is the final product. Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, sausage & onions. Normally, they dump the food on a tarp on the ground, but there was a dog around, so they had to dump it high.

In other news during their trip, Grandpa taught Kelsi everything there is to know about iphones.

They paddled around Lake CDA.

They found Mudgy.

We went to the lake a couple times.

We all hiked Tubbs hill...until we were too hot and then went and ate some gooeys.

This little girl was in heaven with all the attention she was getting.

Kelsi loved spending time with her "other" grandma and grandpa.

I feel so blessed to have my family come visit me. I love them so much.

My sister Shayla

My sister Shayla came to visit us and the question really is...what DIDN'T we do?

Shayla and I tried wakeboarding. We were both unsuccessful (stop laughing), but had fun trying until my wrist and Shayla's hands started hurting.

Shayla even tried the Slolam ski. I was a bit chicken to try that. The water felt GREAT!

She played with her cute niece.

We went on boat rides (I promise that I am tanned...her camera has issues).

We ate yummy "personal sized" gooeys.

We played in the lake (we missed you Kaylee!)

We jumped in the lake...

We laid out....

Shayla made Kelsi I can't keep Kelsi OUT of the water...all the way up to her neck. Thank goodness for life jackets!

We went horseback riding. It was beautiful and we both got a little saddle sore.

This is Cowboy...he was the most considerate horse ever.

We shopped, kayaked (still waiting for pics - Shayla), hiked Tubbs hill. It was so much fun. I can't wait for Shayla to come back and visit again! Love you!

Tamar & kids

My sister Tamar, and her 4 kids stayed with us the last week of July. Sadly, I didn't take too many pics. We had a BBQ at my in-laws house let all the kids take a spin on the four wheelers...

Don't let that face fool you, Abby had a great time.

Even Baby Zach got a turn!

Kyle LOOOVED them and was very sad when his turn was over.

Emma was VERY excited because John actually let her drive!

We had fun going to the Park/Splash pad, eating at yummy Cafe Carambola, playing card games, shopping and eating giant cookies. I love my sister and am so excited that she will be moving up to the Northwest in 3 years.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Last month John participated in CDA's first Mud run. He wasn't planning on it, but a friend called two nights before the event to let him know that a team member had bailed out and they needed a last minute replacement. John agreed and the rest is history.

John came in 2nd overall and his team came in first as a group! :)

It was about a 2.5 mile course. Most of it was just running around the fairgrounds but it started and ended with the mud in the rodeo grounds.

John didn't really fall down, he just quickly made it through all the obstacles.

I had another friend who ran and lost a shoe in the mud and couldn't find it so had to finish the course bare foot!

John and I, along with 18 other friends are running the Dirty Dash in Spokane in a couple weeks. It should be a fun, dirty time!