Saturday, February 18, 2012

January was a bit of a blur for me, because we didn't take any pictures!! For New Years, we drove down to Clarkston for the long weekend and spent the time with our friends the Evans, Brumes, Ports & Folsoms. We love that we still feel at home whenever we go down to visit.

I also had a birthday in January! It wasn't very memorable except for the fact that I was REALLY sick. It started out with a bad cold and then got worse. After a night of not being able to catch my breath after walking up the stairs, we knew it was time to seek medical care. Luckily, it was only the early stages of pneumonia and they ruled it a bad case of bronchitis. Thankfully, after a large dose of antibiotics - I was able to kick it out of my system.

One thing that I have neglected to mention is that I am pregnant!! I'm just over 22 weeks along now and I get bigger every day. We are due June 23rd and we are having another girl and are very excited that Kelsi is going to have a sister. I love my sisters SO much. I don't know how my life would be if I didn't have them to depend on, so I hope that Kelsi and her little sister will be close as well. This pregnancy started out the same as the first one. Sick, sick, sick. Luckily, my body responds well to Zofran and I had the doctor give it to me right away. I looked back at my entries when I was pregnant with Kelsi and I am exactly the same as I was with her. Carrying the same, gained the same amount of weight at this time. HOPEFULLY, I won't have sciatic problems this time around.

I had to post this cute pic of these two buddies. My friend Kim took care of Kelsi one day when I was sick last month and she recorded them singing and dancing to a their swimsuits...on top of chairs. I can't get it to upload, so you can just enjoy the picture. Trust is adorable.

Christmas 2012

Better late than never. We have not been very good at picture taking lately. Christmas was very nice this year. Christmas Eve we had John's parents over for a nice ham dinner. It was so delicious!! Sunday (Christmas) morning, we woke up to see we had a visit from Santa.

Kelsi received some fun toys and she was SO excited about EVERYTHING.

See??She is hugging a present!

We had John's parents over for Christmas brunch and enjoyed each other's company. Later that night, John, Kelsi and I headed over to our friends the Pond's home for their traditional Crab Leg Fest. There were SOOO may people there and we had a great time.

We love the Christmas season where we can truly reflect on the Savior and our family.