Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This year Kelsi celebrated her first Christmas. Of course, she is only 2 1/2 weeks old and doesn't know what was going on, but that didn't stop her mom and dad from dressing her in a santa hat! We also didn't want to forget our dogs! We are all doing well, despite the lack of sleep and wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kelsi had her first bath! She did not like it very much at all at first, but calmed down once the warm water ran over her head. We are having so much fun with her. Her jaundice has been up and down and the doctor sent us home with some lights to use with her. MUCH better than watching her under the lights in the hospital with those glasses over her eyes...it breaks my heart all over again to remember. Grandma Manderino leaves to go home tomorrow and we are very sad to see her leave. She has been so much help before Kelsi arrived, while we were in the hospital (I don't know what I would have done without here there since John had to work most of the time), and once we were able to take her home. I honestly don't know what I am going to do without her, but I guess I will figure things out. Grandma and Grandpa Calderwood also came down for a visit this week and it was so much fun to see them with their newest granddaughter!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kelsi Lynn Calderwood was born on Saturday December 8th, 2007 at 8:27pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 11.5 oz. and was 19 inches long. She had a full head of light brown hair and chubby cheeks! We came to the hospital Friday night and I was put on cytotec (spelling?) to help soften me up and when it was time for pitosin at 6am I didn't need it because my contractions kicked in on their own. The doctor broke my water and I started to progress well and got my epidural and I was set. I was doing pretty well until I got to an "8" that is when I started shaking uncontrollably and throwing up nonstop. I also heard a woman in the next room screaming which freaked me out and I got really nervous. I never opened my eyes during the delivery because I was so exhausted. John was great and I tried really hard not to be mean to him and I found myself apologizing to everyone once I said anything remotley rude (the nurse told me to push harder - and I snapped and told her that I in fact WAS pushing hard - she said that she was only trying to be encouraging and then I started apologizing profusely which made everyone laugh. We fell in love with her right away, but were sad when she couldn't stay with us very long because we both developed a fever during the delivery and we both needed antibiotics, so my little one had an IV hooked to her. She had it taken out yesterday night and we planned on going home today and then all of a sudden we were told that she had to stay ANOTHER night because she developed jaundice. With the absoloute NO sleep that I have had in the past 4 days and being all weird with hormones I lost it and have been not able to stop crying because I just want to take her home. However, we know that it could be really serious and are thankful that she will get better and we will be able to take her home soon. Thanks to all those well wishers and those who have called and stopped by.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Well, today did not go as planned. We went in to be induced at 6am and they started the pitosin at about 6:30am. My contractions started right up and got going pretty good every 30 seconds to 1 minute. However, I would not dialate more than 1.5cm. They said that they could not break my water until I was a 2 or a 3. So, at 5pm they sent us home. They said that they gave me the highest dose of pit that they could and most women would be screaming in pain, but I just wouldn't dilate. They were going to give me a pill that was supposed to soften me up, but it meant I would just have to be monitored for another 8 hours or so with the chance of nothing happening, so we decided to go home in the hopes that something would happen overnight. I go back to the doctor on Friday morning and my doctor and I will make another plan . Hopefully it will be that they will admit me on Friday night with the pill to soften me and then induce me again Saturday morning. John and I are pretty dissapointed, but there is not much else we can do at this point but wait. I felt like I was doing the walk of shame when we left the hospital...I am also very sad becuase my mom came into town today and has to leave next Wednesday, so she may not be able to be here very long if the baby doesn't make her entrance until this weekend. At least she will be back in a couple weeks right after Christmas...I will update more as soon as something starts going!