Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Day

At the end of every day, I am physically and emotionally drained by being a mom. But these beautiful faces keep me waking up each morning. Some of the reasons I love being a mom are:
1. Hugs. They are the BEST.
2. I can heal any "owie" with a kiss and an assurance it will be ok.
3. The spark in my baby girls eyes when she sees me walk into a room. I'm her best friend.
4. Watching my heart walk around in mini-body versions of my husband.
5. The daily lessons of patience, kindness and humility
6. I get to watch cute TV shows and movies
7. I get to snuggle anytime I want
8. I can buy Cheez-its
9.I can sing lullabies to my children and watch them drift off to dream land
10.It makes me feel complete.

I am so thankful for my own mother and for all the love she gave to us growing up. She has always been an example of a righteous mother. I love her and try to emulate her whenever possible.

Losing teeth left and right!

Kelsi lost both of her bottom middle teeth last week. She has been SO excited, wiggling it all the time. With a little help from Daddy, the first one came out.  A few days later she was outside riding her bike and fell down. I went outside to comfort her and noticed her other tooth was missing. I said, "HEY! Where is your other tooth?" Through her tears, she started smiling and said, "It fell out at school!" She is really growing up. It makes me very sad to see my little girl inch further and further away from me, but I am so proud of the girl she is!

Let the summer begin!

We had a hot streak the first two weeks of May! We loved the sunshine and the the 80's temps that we have had. We bought season passes to Silverwood this year, so we went up on opening weekend. Kelsi loved every ride she went on. John and I took turns going on the bigger rides that she couldn't go on by herself.
 This butterfly swing picture is my favorite. She looks like she is going to have a heart attack, but she loved it.

Kelsi and I took a turn on the Twirl-a-whirl ride and we laughed SO hard. I laughed even harder because of how happy Kelsi was. She is hilarious. We were both VERY dizzy afterwards.
This cutie just hung out in her stroller and people watched. She was an angel.

This was Kelsi's favorite ride. I was glad it was Daddy's turn.

Don't let this face fool you. She LOVED her first taste of ice cream. She kept grunting and clapping for more.

We look forward to many, many more days at Silverwood this summer.

10 months

Last month was not my favorite, and I am sure it wasn't Junes! She got another two teeth, totaling 8 now and is now cutting a molar. My poor sweet girl. It has got better over the last week, so it looks like she is catching a break.
She crawls everywhere, has started to pull herself up on things and gets very frustrated when she tries to do something and can't (hmmm...sounds familiar). She discovered the stairs and pulls herself up on them yet, but hasn't figured out how to climb and I am NOT showing her how to. Her favorite food is: String cheese, she says "uh-oh" sometimes which cracks me up and signs "more"...but you better be paying attention or she will start grunting loudly for more food. She LOVES being outside...just don't sit her on the grass.
She is our crazy haired, droopy cheek, mama lovin' angel.