Sunday, May 12, 2013

10 months

Last month was not my favorite, and I am sure it wasn't Junes! She got another two teeth, totaling 8 now and is now cutting a molar. My poor sweet girl. It has got better over the last week, so it looks like she is catching a break.
She crawls everywhere, has started to pull herself up on things and gets very frustrated when she tries to do something and can't (hmmm...sounds familiar). She discovered the stairs and pulls herself up on them yet, but hasn't figured out how to climb and I am NOT showing her how to. Her favorite food is: String cheese, she says "uh-oh" sometimes which cracks me up and signs "more"...but you better be paying attention or she will start grunting loudly for more food. She LOVES being outside...just don't sit her on the grass.
She is our crazy haired, droopy cheek, mama lovin' angel.