Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 29th to ME!
I have been really bad at taking pictures lately. Last week my friends Lacey, Trisha & Jenny drove up from Clarkston and Leslie and I met them in Spokane for lunch. It was SOOOO good to see them and we had a lot of fun. I brought my camera....but forgot to take any pics. Then, on my bday our monthly book club was scheduled and the sweet ladies made me a cake. It was unexpected and so nice (and yummy). AND I forgot to take any pictures. After John got off from work, we went out to dinner (forgot to take pics AGAIN), so the below is all I have to document my bday.

John made me my favorite bday cake. It tasted GREAT! I told him that I couldn't have done it any better. He even made my favorite frosting from scratch.
Kelsi was great for me on my bday (mainly because she spent most of the day occupied with the babysitting co-op that I am in so I could meander the mall by myself - John joined me on his lunch break - and I treated myself to a late lunch at Cafe Chulo).

I have a feeling that 29 is going to be a good year for me (despite that I blew out all 29 candles but NOT the good luck candle). How could I not have a good year with a fun hubby and a sweet little angel face for a daughter.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

We took Kelsi's Binky away just over a week ago. Actually, she just decided she didn't want it anymore. The fear I had of sleepless nights was only in my head thank goodness. HOWEVER, Kelsi will NOT take a nap and hasn't since she decided she didn't want her Bink anymore. I even OFFERED her the Bink one day because she REALLY needed a nap. She just said "NO! and pushed it away. She doesn't cry and fight me putting her down, she just talks, laughs, squeals & plays for 2 hours and then I get her up. Around 4-5pm she is overly tired and isn't at her best self. The only time she napped this week, was 15 minutes in the car when we were running errands late one afternoon, and then for about an hour (30 minutes in the car and 30 minutes on the couch) on another late afternoon. I don't like this. She's 2 and still needs her naps. Maybe not everyday, but at least a couple times a week! I hope she snaps out of it soon. ANYWAY, since she likes to play in her crib, she has decided that she needs more than the one allotted stuffed animal and book that John and I give her.

She has done this a few times this week without my knowledge, until I go to put her down. What a stinker!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"P" party

For Personal Progress night, I planned a "P" party for the girls and they got SO into it and seemed to have a lot of fun. They all wore as many things that started with a "P"(prizes for the winners) and we had pizza, pretzels and "pink & purple" pop!
The girls that I get to work with are just amazing. I feel very blessed to know every one of them.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

To cut or not to cut

I keep going back and forth. Should I cut her hair or let it grow? This pic is Kelsi's hair half dry out of the bath. It's so stinkin' gorgeous. I wish I could bottle her color and she has the prettiest waves. When it is wet in the tub, it is down to her mid-lower back. It's SUPER thick.
The benefits of having it long:
1) So beautiful
2) ponytails
3)More options for hair-do's
Benefits to having it short:
1) less tangles
2) not having Kelsi scream while I "do" her hair??? (I guess she may still do this)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

We hope that everyone had a great New Years. We were joined by our friends who drove up from Clarkston to crash at our place. We went to dinner with some more friends and then came back to our house and played games and hot tubbed it. John and Dan continued the tradition of competition by seeing who could last the longest in the snow before jumping back in the hot tub. Pretty funny stuff. I wish I took some pictures....but I only snapped the one below.
This is of Kelsi and Grant giving each other a big hug. It kind of makes me teary eyed the longer I look at it.

I told John that I was happy to see 2009 go. Was it a bad year? Not really, but it was just FULL of change. Change in a big way for everyone in our family. I'm not a big fan of change. However, that change is teaching us so much about patience, humility, service, gratitude, friendship and love. We are very thankful for what the last year has taught us and are looking forward to the trials and blessings that await us in 2010.....but SEE YA later 2009!

I love my little family SO much. I definitely feel like the luckiest! :)