Tuesday, August 28, 2012

June at 2 months

This picture shows how we feel about our 2 month check-up. WHY do they make mommy go in and hold them down while they get their shots? Total and utter betrayal is what it looks like!!

June is growing very well. She is 23inches long (75%) and 12 lbs 3oz. (80%).  She currently consistently sleeps 9 hours at night and smiles at everyone she sees.  She tries really hard to laugh...it's the cutest thing really.  She coos and sings to me or anyone that will talk to her.  She hates being on her belly and her mamas singing. She seriously hurt my feelings. Sometimes when I sing to her, she cries. WHAT??!! Total slap in the face. She loves her big sister Kelsi.  She smiles and her whole face lights up when she is around.

June also has Torticolis. It's basically when their head gets comfy in one position in utero and they just don't want to move it. She always looks to her left.  Kelsi did the same thing (but to the right).  We are just supposed to do home PT with her. Try to move her head to the other side a lot and stretch it out.  If there is improvement by her 4 month check up, all is well. If not, we need to get her to PT.

I am so thankful for our sweet June Bug. She gets cuter and sweeter every day.  I can't stop kissing and squeezing her.