Monday, March 31, 2008

Looks like Kelsi is feeling better! This is just a taste of her skills...she goes crazy on that thing!

Sick little girl
Kelsi hasn't felt very good the last few days. No fever or cold symptoms, but I think she had a bit of the tummy flu because she spit up CONSTANTLY and was also going "the other way" as well.

I asked Kelsi how she felt, and this is what she did. I think she is feeling better today.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

The story of the hat: I bought a cute little Easter dress size 3-6 mos. that came with a matching hat. We put it on her and as you can tell, the hat is HUGE! We didn't make her wear it, but when we looked at the tag inside the hat it read it was for 6-12mos. Shame on the makers of this outfit for thinking that 3 month old babies have big heads. Kelsi is offended.
It totally looks like she is sitting up in this picture. Not yet...
Super Kelsi! John likes to play this game with her and she LOVES it.
My little mischief maker. Her looks have so much expression to them.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dear Generous Gift Giver,
Thank you so much for the gift certificate. John and I love movies and your thoughtful Christmas gift that we received in the mail was a wonderful surprise. I decided to activate the card last night so that John and I could use it this weekend, only to find out that I need to also enter your birth date in order to fully activate it. If you could so kindly reveal yourself (since it seems it was anonymous) so that we could put your gift to use, that would be just so excellent. It seems an easier way than to just start entering the birth dates of all my friends.
Thanks again,
Karina and John, movie enthusiasts

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I took "The Office" quiz and found out that I am most like Jim! I guess I am pretty happy about that, I would of died if it said that I was....well...anyone else. You can take the quiz too at:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mommy, look what I found!

Last week when I picked up Kelsi at the gym's daycare, she was sitting in her car seat sucking her thumb! I thought "When did you find that?". Today, I caught Kelsi doing it again while she was going to sleep in her swing for her afternoon nap. By the way, am I ruining my child by letting her nap in the swing as opposed to putting her in her bed? She doesn't have any problems sleeping at night (still about 10 hours), but the only time she is in her crib is at bedtime. I ask because my friend Amanda who watches her in the morning tried to put her "down" for her morning nap instead of in the swing and she threw a fit. She put her in the swing and she went right to sleep. Thoughts?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I was tagged by my sister Tamar again. I think these are fun...

What are 5 things I have to do today?
1. play with Kelsi
2. log back into work to finish a few things
3. Put my laundry away
4. Go to Spinning
5. spend time with John

Where was I 10 years ago?
Finishing up my senior year of high school. 10 years go by fast I guess. Not planning on going to the reunion though.

What are 5 snacks I like?
1. bananas
2. Hummus and pita chips
3. applesauce
4. frozen chocolate chips
5. apples & PB!

What would I do if I was suddenly a billionaire?
To state the obvious I would pay off our school loan, travel (bring my sisters along), buy a house for my parents, pay off Tamar's school debt and invest the rest and live off the interest.

What are 4 bad habits I have?
1. eating when I am bored
2. tailgaiting
3. Forgetting to floss
4. slouching at the comp (I just sat up straight)

What are 5 jobs that I've had?
1. QA Analyst
2. Recruiter
3. Recruiting Assistant
4. Administrative Assistant
5. Tutor

DO I know anyone famous?
Yes, I went to church with Eric Smith. He is on a bunch of commericals...mainly AT&T & Old Navy and the newest one that is out right now with Carmen Electra.

Have you started any trends in that last year?
Cutest baby girl trend I think

If I were a pizza topping what would and be and why?
Extra Cheese. Tamar, you might not be able to have pizza without cheese, but I would be extra cheese because I make things just a little better than the ordinary.

What is your favorite clothing trend?
blousy shirts. I thought I would hate them because after being pregnant I would want to wear smaller shirts, but the blousy ones hide things and they are so cute!

What is your favorite commercial?
My newest favorite commercial is the "sip stealing - not illegal in 50 states"...I don't know what they are advertising...coke???

Which Seasame Street character is your favorite?
Snuffy (can't spell his whole name). He is just so sweet.

Which Christmas Vacation character do you see yourself as?
I have only watched it all the way through once. John will sometimes quote things from the movie and I just look at him blankly.

I tag: TRISH (welcome to the world of tag), Jocelyn, Lacey, Amanda & Lindsay (unless she has been tagged already???)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

3 months old!

Kelsi turned 3 months old this weekend. She is currently 13 lbs and 24 in. long. She still loves to laugh and especially loves being bounced on the bed. She cracks up! Kelsi marked her 3 month milestone by visiting Seattle. John had some CE's to do so we headed out to the coast. Kelsi and I shopped while John sat in class. She did a great job, except I made a mistake of letting her sleep the entire 5 hour trip on the way there and she didn't sleep well that night. Here are a couple pics of hanging out in the hotel.

Friday, March 07, 2008


About 6 months after I got married, I put on a "happy" 10 lbs. Even though I was happy, I wanted to lose those 10 lbs. I figured that I was happy before I was married too, so might as well be happier 10 lbs lighter. I actually joined weight watchers with some friends who I was accountable to (one in particular - we only went to 2 meetings/weigh-ins). We started going over to each other's houses once a week to weigh ourselves and it was great to have someone that supported me and someone who cheered me on. About 2-3 months later I lost 15 lbs and felt great. I no longer needed to be accountable to anyone because I was in a habit. Fast forward 2 years later....I am again 10lbs over my wedding/pre-prego weight and 17 lbs over my lowest weight. I am only working out a couple times a week and I can't stay away from the baked goods! I am writing as a plea for help. Would any of you like to be the person that I can be accountable to? I can let you know what I am eating and what I am doing for exercise and maybe (gulp) my weight (which is at an all time high). If you could also let me know why you think you would be a great motivator. If you help me lose my 10-15 lbs I will give you a prize...maybe a gift certificate to a restaurant (haha - I love food). Well, I am going to Seattle this weekend, but I plan on being "good" when I get back on Monday (why do we always start on Monday's?). And really, I am not being vain, I just feel better when I am about 10 lbs lighter.

Monday, March 03, 2008

So, when Kelsi wakes up in the morning, I find her usually in this position. Way up in the corner. I start her out on her back towards the bottom of the crib and by morning she scoots her way up to the top! She has only been doing this for about a week and half now. I just love all the new things that she does all the time. I took her to take pictures today and she didn't behave very well. She didn't cry, but she WOULD NOT smile for us. Of course, as soon as we were done and back in the car seat, she was grinning from ear to ear.

Daddy's Little Girl

John came home the other day and walked into my office holding this little girl. I could not stop laughing. He ordered some for her at work. I would have said no if we had to pay retail, but since we have the hook ups, I relented. They are actually pretty cool glasses that are soft around the ears and nose and are contoured so they won't fall off her head. She looks so funny. I also think the pictures of Kelsi and John are so precious.