Friday, March 14, 2008

Mommy, look what I found!

Last week when I picked up Kelsi at the gym's daycare, she was sitting in her car seat sucking her thumb! I thought "When did you find that?". Today, I caught Kelsi doing it again while she was going to sleep in her swing for her afternoon nap. By the way, am I ruining my child by letting her nap in the swing as opposed to putting her in her bed? She doesn't have any problems sleeping at night (still about 10 hours), but the only time she is in her crib is at bedtime. I ask because my friend Amanda who watches her in the morning tried to put her "down" for her morning nap instead of in the swing and she threw a fit. She put her in the swing and she went right to sleep. Thoughts?


Tamar and Trevor said...

I don't know if I would fight the swing thing if she is sleeping so well at night. The only thing is that one day she will outgrow the swing and then what??? I think the sucking her thumb thing is very cute.

Porter Family said...

What a cutie. I think as long as she's happy, why mess with a good thing? Until, of course, she grows out of it like Tamar said.

Lorelei Fox said...

ALL my kids slept in the swing. It was the only way to get anything done!!

I love you all so much. You have become such a great and wonderful woman, wife and mother. It has been my pleasure to know you and your family.

Keep me on your invite list. I love to visit.

Love ya,
Lori Fox