Friday, March 07, 2008


About 6 months after I got married, I put on a "happy" 10 lbs. Even though I was happy, I wanted to lose those 10 lbs. I figured that I was happy before I was married too, so might as well be happier 10 lbs lighter. I actually joined weight watchers with some friends who I was accountable to (one in particular - we only went to 2 meetings/weigh-ins). We started going over to each other's houses once a week to weigh ourselves and it was great to have someone that supported me and someone who cheered me on. About 2-3 months later I lost 15 lbs and felt great. I no longer needed to be accountable to anyone because I was in a habit. Fast forward 2 years later....I am again 10lbs over my wedding/pre-prego weight and 17 lbs over my lowest weight. I am only working out a couple times a week and I can't stay away from the baked goods! I am writing as a plea for help. Would any of you like to be the person that I can be accountable to? I can let you know what I am eating and what I am doing for exercise and maybe (gulp) my weight (which is at an all time high). If you could also let me know why you think you would be a great motivator. If you help me lose my 10-15 lbs I will give you a prize...maybe a gift certificate to a restaurant (haha - I love food). Well, I am going to Seattle this weekend, but I plan on being "good" when I get back on Monday (why do we always start on Monday's?). And really, I am not being vain, I just feel better when I am about 10 lbs lighter.


Lacey Port said...

Karina Calderwood..YOU are to hard on yourself! You just had a baby. You look awesome! But if 10 lbs. will make you happy I will support you all the way! Just dont try the recipe I put on my blog today that wont help things. Seattle huh? Have fun! We'll have to catch up soon (Preston has been sick again)...I think June/July is going to be trying for baby time. Yeah.

Barbour said...

I love doing everything on you put what you did exercise wise and plug in the food you ate. It sets up on your profile how much cals you should eat. You can also take weekly body measurements. Being a trainer before this was the best tool to keep me accountable without having someone else. I aslo stay away from the treats more cause don't want to plug in the info. It has got me down to the weight I was when I got pregnant with LT. I lost the weight lot faster with Teak then LT and I know it has to do with this. Let me know wshat you think of Seattle. Why are you going?

Elise Norwood said...

You go girl! I am doing weight watchers right now, but I wish I only had 10 or so pounds to lose! I'm not sure that I will be the best motivator, but I just wanted to tell you good luck :)

Rob & LInder said...

I won't do it. Dads are not good motivators when it come to weight.
I know your not fishing for compliments but your amazing. Good luck.

*twoserious* said...

I say live it up in Seattle and don't look back!!! I'm loving my Jim Karas Cardio-free diet. I'd be good for a weekly weigh-in session.
Good Luck!!! de todos modos, Anita.