Tuesday, June 07, 2011

MAY catch-up

On Memorial Day, we took Kelsi to the field behind our neighborhood and flew a kite.

She thought it was the coolest thing EVER.

The weather was great. Sunny and warm with a cool breeze.

Can you get happier than this??

Our attempt at a family pic. I love my little family.


A group of us went to see Wicked last month in Spokane. It was my 4th time seeing it, and John's 2nd. We both enjoyed it again.

Some of the gang at dinner before....

Some of the ladies before the show....we couldn't seem to get a full group picture.

OK, this is mostly everyone. FUN night.

When we're helping we're happy!

Kelsi LOVES to help. Anything from folding the clothes, washing the car, mowing the lawn(shocker), putting away the dishes, baking, cleaning the bathrooms...you NAME it...and she says, "Can I help you?"

Honestly, I would much rather do these things by myself...because I am faster and and I don't have to re-do things...but then I tell myself that I better take advantage of this teaching time while I can. I love my little helper!

Mother's Day

I was treated very well by these two on Mother's Day. Here they are making the fruit salad for dinner.

Kelsi is an excellent peeler.

I have been so blessed to be the mother of this beautiful little girl. She is my whole world and I love her more than I ever thought possible. I love how much she looks like her Daddy and how much of his personality I see in her. I don't quite enjoy when I see parts of MY personality in her. She seems to have gained all of John's positive qualities and some of my BAD ones. I pray that she is a better woman than I am.

I also feel blessed to have been raised by an amazing woman. I cannot think of a woman who has set a better example for anyone than my mother. I love you Mom!