Thursday, April 24, 2008


My sister Shayla is graduating from BYU later today. She will be receiving two degrees, a B.S. in both History and Sociology. CONGRATS!! You survived Utah. Have a Cafe Rio salad for the road. I wish we could be there to celebrate your happy day. Next step for Shayla is to get her bootie back to sunny southern CA...and do...something, right Shays? LOVE YOU! I think I will make my version of the Cafe Rio salad in your honor today.

Monday, April 21, 2008

2nd Annual MOAB trip
John headed off last Tuesday to Moab, UT for about a week long trip with the guys to do some hard core mountain biking. John has been excited about this trip for about a year now (since he got back from his last trip there). He made it home safe and sound with only a few scratches and bruises late on Sunday. Kelsi and I sure missed him. Below is a picture of the Condo that the guys stayed at. They really like to rough it...
This is John going off one of the jumps. He got a new bike with a lot of travel especially to enjoy on this trip, so he put it to good use.
This is John with Brume(left) and Dixon (right). Better known as "The Daves".
Below is John with the rest of the crew: Joe, Reid & Dan. Nice scenery in the background.
Kelsi and I were so happy to have John home. Kelsi was a little unsure at first of who the hairy creature talking to her was (John didn't bring a razor), and wouldn't take her eyes off of me when he took her, but soon realized that it was her Daddy and started smiling and blowing bubbles at him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Updated Stats - 4 mos.
Kelsi weighed in today at 14 lbs 14 oz and is 25in. long. She is in the 70% for her height and weight and is in the 50% for her head. She took her shots like a champion and stopped crying the minute I picked her up. The doc gave me the green light to try solid foods, so there should be some messy pictures in the next week or so to post. She hasn't rolled over yet, but rolls to her left side and hangs out, so it is only a matter of time. She laughs all the time and her newest tickle spot is on her left shoulder blade. Sometimes she bursts into laughing attacks for no apparent reason.
This is a picture of Kelsi in her cute outfit for church. She was a doll.
After church, we changed her into shorts and took a nice Sunday walk by the river.

Kelsi had to stay in the stroller because she couldn't keep up on foot.

After a brief protest from Mom, John sat on the swing with Kelsi before we headed home.

This one is dedicated to the Grandma's....this is Kelsi waking up in the morning....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shake it

Sorry this is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to turn it. John has been dancing with Kelsi for a while now and so he cranked up the blues and she was cracking up just dancing away. She is a little camera shy it seems, because every time I turned on the camera she wouldn't laugh anymore. Here is the best clip we got!

Kelsi's first day at the park

It was about 80 degrees yesterday, so Trish and I took the kids to the park. Kelsi did not seem to be that much of a fan and got pretty cranky. It may be because I woke up her up just over an hour into her 2.5 hour nap so that we could go. Grant on the other hand was soaking it up! Oh yes, Kelsi also sports a bib almost everywhere we go because I am tired of changing her clothes with her what seems like constant spit up and spitting saliva. It is supposed to be even warmer today. What a good day for a Sunday walk!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

4 months old!
Nothing too new to report at the moment. Kelsi mainly likes anything to do with her mouth. She loves sticking her hands in her mouth....
her binky....

and this is her newest thing...she entertains herself by spitting all day long.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Child Labor

John came home and wanted to mow our lawn. I was busy in my office and Kelsi started crying so he picked her up and a few minutes later came into my office with Kelsi in the Baby Bjorn. He stuck cotton balls in her ears and put on her shades and she went to work with daddy. Yuck...our lawn is dead.

I told you so...
This is Kelsi watching TV about an hour after she ate...I thought her food had settled...

Kelsi: "Hey Mom, I don't feel so good..."

"No really, I don't feel so good.... "

"I TOLD you I didn't feel good, don't be upset that I puked out more than I ate today".

I just wanted to say CONGRATS to my sister Kaylee for being accepted into the world renowned-hardest-major-in-the-world-to-get-into ART PROGRAM AT BYU! (ok, I don't know if it is really world renowned and the hardest in the world to get into...but I know it's tough!). Starting a new major as a junior will be cake! Only 6 more years of school to go! hahaha - much love to you!
And that's not all, Kaylee also got the Supervisor job at intramurals!! Wa-hoo! Do you know what she said to the custodial team when they asked her if she was coming back? She said "Sorry...see ya suckers!". Well, if she didn't say that, she should have. She will be making way more money than I ever did while I was in college. CONGRATS KAYLEE! You are on a roll, let's go to Vegas (kidding, Mom).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Everyone KNOWS that Kelsi looks more like John, but by 3%?? I don't think so...more like 93%...

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