Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just had to post this video of Kelsi playing with Grandpa. She had so much fun with her Grandma and Grandpa Manderino and two of her aunts....but I think she especially bonded with her Grandpa Manderino.

My "little" sis

My little sister Shayla went to the Temple for the first time while I was visiting. I felt so blessed to be there with her. There was a very sweet spirit there that was even noticed by the assistant to the matron. It was also fun for me since it was my first visit to the Newport Beach Temple (L.A. was closed for maintenance). It was beautiful and peaceful, but I didn't really expect anything less. Shayla - we are so proud (yes, Dad - proud) of you. You have always made such wonderful decisions and have always been such a good example. For those of you who may not be very familiar with Temples from my faith. It is a very special place that is dedicated for sacred Gospel ordinances. It is also a place of prayer and worship.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


We went to my aunts house for dinner. It was a full house of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandkids, great grandkids & a great grandma. We really missed Tamar and her wonderful family. We miss them very much and hope to be able to see them again soon.

This is a 4 generation picture. My Grandma Manderino, my mom, me and Kelsi!

I miss my Grandma. She lives in Boston and I only get to see her once every other year or so. She is an amazing woman who I admire and hope to emulate someday. She turns 83 next week!


We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Even though it took a long time to get here, we are very blessed to have been able to spend time with family. We know that there are many others throughout the world that do not get to be with their families, eat wonderful food and receive nice gifts. We are very blessed. Kelsi wasn't too into gifts this year, but she liked the paper and tissue and all the boxes. Following opening presents we had a nice breakfast and a good time was had by all.

No one mourns the "Wicked"

John and I went to see Wicked earlier this week. I have been lucky enough to have seen it a few times before, but I was so excited to see what John thought of it. Well, the verdict was in and he liked it! He said that he would do it again. I was a little worried that he wouldn't like it (just a little), but when he started laughing just as soon as Glinda appeared in her bubble, I knew everything was going to be OK. We had a great time. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa "M" for hanging with Kelsi while John and I got away.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The last few days have been the longest of our lives. Saturday we had all intentions of flying out of Lewiston and heading to CA to spend a week with family for Christmas. Our Lewiston flight was an hour delayed which made us miss our connecting flight in Seattle by 5-10 minutes (plane was still at the gate). As most of you know the Pac Northwest was hit HARD by the snow and it started causing problems for flights. We got on standby for the 5pm flight...didn't get on. Stand by for on but after an hour of sitting on the plane they had us deboard and then at 10pm cancelled all flights going out of Seattle saying that no one would be going anywhere for at least 2 days. While John waited in line at Customer Service for almost 3 hours, I was on the phone with my sister trying to find a hotel...all booked. After midnight we were booked on a flight for Monday night and we were so frustrated and tired, not to mention Kelsi who was running out of food and diapers, that we just decided to drive back to Lewiston. We waited in line at the car rental until about 3am and finally got a car (I won't go on to tell you about the problems we encountered there). However, I finally had a meltdown as I strapped Kelsi into her rental car seat that I not so affectionately called "the death trap". I couldn't tighten it and it was SOOOOO old. Everything finally sunk in and I lost it in the car. The roads and freeways were SO bad (HELLO, SEATTLE, ever hear of a SNOW PLOW?), that we decided to pull off at a hotel a ways away from the airport and stay the night. Good thing we did because we found out the next morning that the passes were closed and we wouldn't have been able to drive home anyway. THE ONLY BRIGHT SPOT OF OUR SEATTLE EXPERIENCE WAS that we were able to stay the next night with Carson (John's cousin) and his family. It was so nice to wash our clothes, eat real food and enjoy good company. We wish that we lived closer so that we could spend more time with them. WELL, Monday we got to the airport over 5 hours before our flight hoping to get on standby for earlier flights. My heart dropped when I saw all the lines....I have never seen anything like it. One agent took mercy on me and my baby and helped us but told us not to tell anyone that she helped us and we made it to get on standby for a flight that we ended up not getting on, but we got on the next one! We made it to LAX 48 hours after we were originally supposed to arrive. One of our bags did not make it to the airport....BUT they called us this afternoon and it came in and we were able to pick it up. We are now enjoying hanging out with family. We missed a big fam get together and seeing the lights at the temple, but we may fit those in another time. I can't begin to describe how awful this whole experience has been. Poor little Kelsi. There is actually a lot more, but you get the point. PLEASE PRAY FOR US FOR OUR RETURN TRIP THIS WEEKEND. The weather isn't supposed to get any better and we have to go through that dreadful airport on our way back to Lewiston. Dreaming of a White Christmas??? NO THANK YOU. Ugh.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My friend Lacey sent this video to me on facebook. It made me laugh so hard. Enjoy Twilight fans.

Monday, December 15, 2008

St. George

John was able to fly down to St. George to attend Josh and Carri's sealing in the St. George temple. He said that he had a really good time and he was so glad that he went. He was able to spend time with all of his siblings and enjoyed the time to catch up, even though it was a quick trip.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


(It actually snowed the kind of snow I like....took forever to stick and then only left a pretty glaze over the lawn and driveway and the kind that looks like it is going to go away in a day or so....if it wasn't for the BLASTED wind and the below freezing temperature that is making the hill I live on a sheet of ice). 3 more months till SPRING!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Kelsi Stat Update
Kelsi had her 1 year checkup yesterday.
Height - 30 in. - 77%
Head - 42cm - 79%
Weight - 21 lbs. 6 oz. - 56%
She got a bunch of shots and so far so good....but it hasn't even been 24 hours yet. Doctor said everything seems great. My next goal is to try to wean her from her bottle by her 15 month checkup!

Monday, December 08, 2008

BDay part 2!
Kelsi had a few visitors on her bday.
She and Grant had a great time playing with her new toys. They danced and Grant even got sweet and gave her a couple kisses when she wasn't expecting it. At the end of the visit, Kelsi and Ali took a moment to lay down and relax from all the excitment.


We celebrated Kelsi's 1st bday today. She must have known that today was a special day because she was SO happy all day long. What a nice gift to give to her mother!

Kelsi dived right into her cake and especially loved the frosting. She was on a sugar high all afternoon/evening. It was pretty funny. She could not hold still and was just going all over the house.

One of Kelsi's gifts was a ball popper. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but she is really getting the idea!

Kelsi loved the wrapping paper. She finally has some toys!!! YAY! She also got some fun books from Grandma and Grandpa Manderino (she says thanks!!!)

This was one of Kelsi's "sugar lows". She would be crawling like crazy and then just stop and lay down for a few seconds.

We can't believe that it has already been a year since Kelsi brightened our lives and joined our family. We are so thankful for her. She has brought more joy into our lives than we could have ever imagined. We love you, Kelsi!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


We went to John's office Christmas party this week. These are pics from before Kelsi "lost it".

Our ward Christmas party was also held this week. Kelsi did pretty good until the end. I noticed she had a fever....we were in for it.

After the ward Christmas party we put Kelsi to bed (around 8pm - much later than her usual) and she just kept talking and gabbing away. John and I went to bed and off an on all night we heard Kelsi either talking to herself or moaning. I went into her room once and she just laid there looking at me. I covered her up and left the room and she just continued to moan, but no cries. The next morning she still had a fever and I noticed her left bottom molar was SO swollen. She is drooling like CRAZY and she wouldn't nap all morning and just cried and moaned. Finally around 1:30pm she fell asleep and we had to wake her up at 5pm to get ready for the work party (Motrin finally did it's job). We put her to bed tonight at 8 and she is still in there talking away. She just can't sleep because she is so uncomfortable. My poor baby. We have tried cold wash cloths, teething tablets, Tylenol, Motrin, frozen go-gurts and she just is so sad. My friend gave me the gel to try but I noticed it expired 2 years ago. whoops. I am just at a loss because she already has 7 teeth and she fussed a little bit, but not a big deal at all. I don't like this one bit.
This is the only pic we took on Thanksgiving. Kelsi had a blast!

This picture is for my sister Tamar. This is her flower-power-retro dress that cracks me up. Aww...happier times.