Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lake City presents Les Miserables!

Last March, my friend convinced me to go with her to an audition of Les Miserables. I have never auditioned before and was scared to death, but decided it was on my bucket list to try out for a musical and if not then - when?
My first impression of the playhouse was a little was 160 seats small. I had no idea what to expect. My veteran friends tried to give me any tips they had about their past experiences in theater. When the director called my name to go up on stage and sing, my heart pounded and as I walked up the steps to the stage...I tripped...I caught myself and tried to cover my embarrassment with a Jennifer Lawrence-esque laugh. I was humiliated, but after assuring them that I was ok, I went on with my audition. It was NOT my best. I was nervous, embarrassed, but I did it. To my astonishment the director told me that he wanted me for sure! 

At my first music rehearsal- I was taken aback by how much talent my fellow cast had! I was honored, humbled and felt out of my league. I looked forward to every rehearsal - how could I not? The music was inspiring and beautiful and I was getting to know some amazing people that I would never have met otherwise.

Over the months that followed, I learned theater terms, the "magic" that happens backstage as far as set pieces, props and actor traffic. I fed off the talent that surrounded me and I like to feel that it raised my level of performance.

Below are just a few pictures of our cast and just a "few" of the people who came to support me. 

I was amazed by the transformation of the stage into our beautiful set. The behind-the-scenes artists were amazing.
 I grew to LOVE my ensemble women! Tiffany, Aubree, Jennifer, Sarah, Kim, Chelsea, Kalla, Mariah and Torey taught me so much. We laughed and cried together. I was also privileged to work with a couple of the youth, Olivia and Belle. Such amazing talent in little bodies!!
 I am so so thankful for all the friends who came to support me and our show. I wish I had pictures of all of you. It was an amazing experience that I hope to participate in again. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed the show!


One of our fall traditions is to visit Prairie Home Farms just down the road from our subdivision. It is a cute little farm and pumpkin patch.  My girls get to feed all the animals (Pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits, goats, geese, ducks, turkeys, mules) and we always do our "Sit on a Pumpkin" picture. Kelsi looks so big in these pictures it hurts a little. The first time she went to this patch was 6 years ago. Time has flown.


I have been taking June to a music class every week. We love this time that we get to spend together while big sister is at school. Junes' teacher is amazing and keeps these 1-2 year olds engaged and entertained the whole hour.

 Here they are galloping after their teacher.  I love music and I hope that my children learn to love it as well.

Monday, October 06, 2014

My husband is an angel

All summer I have been rehearsing with the Lakecity Playhouse ensemble for Les Miserables. We opened in September and I knew my mom was dying to come up and see it. However, since my Dad's layoff earlier this year, I knew it wasn't likely to happen. I asked John if he minded if I flew my  mom up to see it for a weekend. He acted really strange and said that he didn't think it was a good idea with all the expenses we have had lately. I was pretty upset to say the least. I didn't give up. He finally said, "If your mom can get time off, I guess we can do it.". I called my mom right away and asked if she could make it work. She said she wouldn't know until Friday due to scheduling. I was antsy all week. On Friday morning, I was excited to call her after I got Kelsi off to school to see if it would work out. There was a knock on the door around 7:30am. To my surprise, my PARENTS were standing on my doorstep. I was dumbfounded. Completely blindsided. John had bought my  mom a ticket a few weeks before, and then my sister Shayla (after hearing that my mom was coming) bought my Dad a ticket to come up as well!! My mom was quite the good liar, as I had no idea that the story about scheduling was all made up. She looks innocent...but that can be deceiving...
 I was so happy that my parents could come see me in my first musical debut. I love them so much and am so blessed to be their daughter.

First cut

John has been asking me to cut Junes hair for a few months, and I finally gave in. My friend Jaclyn does hair, and she was brave enough to agree to take on June as a "client". She was a typical 2 year old and had a hard time holding still...but the m&m's mom came with helped keep her attention. I think it turned out VERY cute.

Auntie Shays

We were lucky to have Aunt Shayla come visit for a week in September. Tamar and Trevor went to HI for a conference (rough life) so Aunt Shayla flew up to watch their kiddos. Sadly, she came up the week of before Les Mis opened, so I was gone every night for rehearsals. But I did get to see her during the day. 
The weather was lovely, so we took the little ones to the lake while the big kids were at school (shhh!). All of our kids just adore Aunt Shayla because she is so loving and patient. On her final night here she had a movie/pizza night with all her nieces and nephews.

We love you Aunt Shayla and we can't wait to see you in December!

Feels good to be back!

After over a year hiatus from blogging, I am happy to be back! I love looking back over our family history and am sad that last year was not documented on this blog! But lets let bygones be bygones!

Kelsi is in 1st grade!
I am so proud of this girl. She reads like a champ and makes friends easily. She is very easy going when it comes to school. I had to yell at her to come back and give me a hug as she went running off to the playground on the first day of school. June misses her sissy during the day, but we have been having some fun quality 1:1 time together. Kelsi's teacher is Mrs. Burke until Dec. when Mrs. Labou comes back from maternity leave).