Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I love most about Kelsi....
First, check out this first picture. She is starting to lose some of her hair on the sides and she has this thick mass of hair on the top of her head. HA! John also let Kelsi lick some grapes and it was so funny. She just kept licking it. I should have got it on video. (Can you believe how much she looks like John in that picture!)
So, I was talking to my wonderful friend Alli the other day and she asked me what is my favorite thing that Kelsi does? I immediately told her that it was her laugh that melted my heart. Today, while I was feeding Kelsi, I started thinking about other things that I loved about her. Even though I could go on forever, I decided that I would share a few:
  1. Her giggle
  2. Her goofy smile. I can already tell from her sly smiles that she is going to have her father's sense of humor.
  3. The way she talks and sings along with her baby einstein mat (maybe she will sing like her momma!)
  4. The sighs she makes when she sleeps
  5. The sighs she makes when she "almost" sneezes
  6. The way she stretches her neck while she sleeps
  7. Her curious and cautious look she gives us when we give her a bath (she never takes her eyes off of us)
  8. The way she holds my finger when I am feeding her
  9. Her cute little mouth when she sucks on her pacifier (sorry Val - she doesn't use it very often though and I will do my best to wean her!)
  10. Her fake cry (there is a total difference, and her fake cry is so sweet and kind of funny)
  11. Her sweet chubby cheeks
  12. How happy she is to see me when she wakes up
  13. How excited she gets when she hears me shaking the bottle
  14. Her 10 hour "naps"
  15. Her deep blue eyes...there is this twinkle to them
  16. How wide her eyes get when I tickle her (she knows something is going on...)
  17. Her ticklish feet
  18. The way she looks at me when I sing to her
  19. Her fro head
  20. Everthing else

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It Worked!!!

Here are the pics from our walk as mentioned in my posting from earlier this evening! YAY!

Since I can't post photos, let's try a video.

So, I got a spam comment and I wasn't able to delete the comment so I deleted the whole post and I am trying this again. Sorry to all of you who had to sign in to view my blog, but I didn't want any good for nothing nobody's spying on my site. Anyway, we took Kelsi on another walk because it has been so beautiful. We brought the dogs along and they loved it, especially since we have been neglecting them since Kelsi was born. I don't really have anything special to report, I just wanted to keep the fans happy. However, now I am unable to post pictures and if I want to read your comments I have to go the long way and go into my settings to view them. It looks like the person gave my blog some sort of weird virus. If I don't get this figured out soon, I am going to delete this blog and start a new one. Think good thoughts for me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rice anyone?

So, my sister Tamar got me addicted to this site called "". It is a non-profit org. that helps the UN fight against hunger. There is a fun vocab test and for every question you get right it will donate a certain number of grains of rice to the fight against hunger. I got up to level 40 and then fell back down and can't get past level 37. Tamar is at 39, so I am feeling pretty vocab challenged, but she was always the smarter sis. I donated over 3000 grains of rice in just one sitting. Have fun!

Kelsi's first walk by the river
We took Kelsi out for her first walk today. The weather was beautiful and in the low 50's. Trish called us and invited us for a walk along the river and it was the perfect idea. The walk calmed our little ones and put Kelsi to sleep (as you can see she is drifting off in this picture).
I love her strawberry blonde highlights! I can't wait to take her on another walk!
This is Kelsi and Grant all ready for their big adventure. If they got married someday, this would be the cutest picture to put on their wedding video! hahaha!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I dressed Kelsi in what I think is just the cutest dress. She looked adorable. However, I made the mistake of trying to take a picture of her at the only time when she is cranky....when it was time for her to eat. I didn't get the best picture, but she still looks cute. John also took Kelsi outside for her first outing in the Baby Bjorn (we took your advice Lindsay and bought it - so far so good!). She thought it was interesting, as you can tell from her face. This is my last week of maternity leave. I am going to miss spending my whole days with Kelsi, but I have reduced my hours so she will only be away from me about 4 hours a day and she will be at my friend Amanda's who is wonderful for offering. Kelsi usually sleeps for 2-3 hours in the morning, so hopefully I won't miss too many "too cute" moments.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Happy day after Valentine's Day to everyone. I took Kelsi to the doctor today and wanted to update her stats. Not all of these were found at her appointment today, but I thought I would include them anyway.

Hair: blonde, thinning on the sides with a massive amount still on top

Eyes: Blue-ish Gray

Weight: 11 lbs 10 oz. (that is almost 3 lbs in a month!)

Length: 23 inches

Tickle spot: Feet

Longest amount of sleep: 11 hours (9pm to 8am) completed on V-day night. I was pretty scared when John's alarm went off at 6:45am and realized that she was still asleep. I had to check on her to make sure she was still breathing.

Favorite direction to look: Right. Just like zoolander, she can't turn to the left. The doctor said everything seems fine and to just try to make her look left every time I change her diaper.

% Scale: Between 60-70% on everything, so she is well porportioned.

We are having so much fun with Kelsi. She smiles often. Sometimes she tries to smile and laugh when I am feeding her which is pretty funny. She misses everyone and hopes that some of you can visit her soon.

Friday, February 08, 2008

2 months old!

I can't believe how fast the last two months have gone. Kelsi just gets cuter every day. Her favorite things to do are to rock in her swing and stare at her mobile. She also loves to watch movies and TV. Whenever John and I are doing those things Kelsi always turns her head to watch. I think that she likes all the bright colors. She is still a good sleeper and a all around good baby. She smiles all the time which melts our hearts and are excited to hear her first giggle soon. Kelsi goes to the doctor next week so I will update you all with her stats then.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My sister Tamar has been telling me that babies "should" be sleeping through the night by the time they are 2 months old and no later than 4 months old. So, again I believe everything that super baby nurse lady says and I tried to follow her advice. I put Kelsi on a routine schedule which includes a nightly bath and bottle and then to bed (while she is sleepy, but still awake). On the night of Kelsi's 8 week mark I am happy to say that she slept 7 hours straight. Hooray! And to those of you who said that she couldn't do it two nights in a row (Mom), she decided to show herself up and slept 8 hours straight the next night. Looks like Kelsi takes after her mom and doesn't like to be told that she can't do something. Another note to future self: uh-oh.

So, I decided to cut my hair. It was getting too long and heavy and was taking too long to do. I needed something easier to maintain, especially with a little one to always get ready in the morning as well. So, I started searching the internet for pictures of hairstyles and I found one on Tiffani Thiesen that I thought was cute. She has a similar shaped face so I thought I would go for it. So, I included the picture that I brought in and then the finished product...well, the finished product 2 days later as I didn't take a picture after the sylist did it (what is their secret to doing it so nice?) Yuck, also note to my future self: Don't ever put your face next to a celebrity face, especially when you aren't wearing make-up! Don't make fun of my I need a touch-up.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Lacey has figured out the art of tagging. I am it.

4 jobs I've had in my life... my first job was at Hot Dog on a Stick, 3 others are Tutor at a Math and Reading Center, Recruiter, QA Associate

5 places I've been... Hawaii, South Eastern Carribbean, DC, Boston, NYC

4 favorite foods......Only four? Dark Chocolate, fresh bread, Peanut butter and mashed potatoes. I wish I liked things like broccoli and turnips.

3 people I'd like to get to know better... Mel, Val and Jalyn since I don't get to see them very often

4 reasons I love being me... I come from an awesome family who is still very close and I don't know what I would do without any of my sisters, I have a husband who makes me laugh every day just like he promised he would before we got married and who makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world, even when I feel like I am repulsive. I have a perfect angel of a daughter who is so beautiful that I don't know what I did to deserve her presence in my life, and I have some of the best friends here in Clarkston that have truly made all the difference in my life.

4 classes I wish were offered to me and could participate in... dance class of any kind because I think it would be so much fun, voice lessons, quick and easy cooking ideas, and maybe some kind of law class. I really liked all of my law classes in college and think it would be fun.

4 friends I want to tagg... Amanda, Tamar, Lindsay and Heather who loves to be tagged

Friday, February 01, 2008

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