Friday, February 15, 2008


Happy day after Valentine's Day to everyone. I took Kelsi to the doctor today and wanted to update her stats. Not all of these were found at her appointment today, but I thought I would include them anyway.

Hair: blonde, thinning on the sides with a massive amount still on top

Eyes: Blue-ish Gray

Weight: 11 lbs 10 oz. (that is almost 3 lbs in a month!)

Length: 23 inches

Tickle spot: Feet

Longest amount of sleep: 11 hours (9pm to 8am) completed on V-day night. I was pretty scared when John's alarm went off at 6:45am and realized that she was still asleep. I had to check on her to make sure she was still breathing.

Favorite direction to look: Right. Just like zoolander, she can't turn to the left. The doctor said everything seems fine and to just try to make her look left every time I change her diaper.

% Scale: Between 60-70% on everything, so she is well porportioned.

We are having so much fun with Kelsi. She smiles often. Sometimes she tries to smile and laugh when I am feeding her which is pretty funny. She misses everyone and hopes that some of you can visit her soon.


Shayla said...

I love the one of her smiling. She is getting so big. I can't believe it. I am glad things are going well. I miss you guys.
Love ya!

Rob & Linder said...

Wow she a really a living doll. Unless your coming this way it looks like we might not see her in person for awhile:(
Here features seam to change on a regular basis.

Porter Family said...

I agree with the rest of your family-man, she is cute! Hopefully she stays that way and doesn't develop an attitude like another little girl living in my house has...

Porter Family said...

p.s.-yea!! Your padre is starting a blog!! Tell him to get it up and running so I can make snarky comments on it already! Oh, TAG, he's it before anyone else can tag him!!! Yes!!!

Tamar and Trevor said...

I love her!!! She is beautiful.