Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I love most about Kelsi....
First, check out this first picture. She is starting to lose some of her hair on the sides and she has this thick mass of hair on the top of her head. HA! John also let Kelsi lick some grapes and it was so funny. She just kept licking it. I should have got it on video. (Can you believe how much she looks like John in that picture!)
So, I was talking to my wonderful friend Alli the other day and she asked me what is my favorite thing that Kelsi does? I immediately told her that it was her laugh that melted my heart. Today, while I was feeding Kelsi, I started thinking about other things that I loved about her. Even though I could go on forever, I decided that I would share a few:
  1. Her giggle
  2. Her goofy smile. I can already tell from her sly smiles that she is going to have her father's sense of humor.
  3. The way she talks and sings along with her baby einstein mat (maybe she will sing like her momma!)
  4. The sighs she makes when she sleeps
  5. The sighs she makes when she "almost" sneezes
  6. The way she stretches her neck while she sleeps
  7. Her curious and cautious look she gives us when we give her a bath (she never takes her eyes off of us)
  8. The way she holds my finger when I am feeding her
  9. Her cute little mouth when she sucks on her pacifier (sorry Val - she doesn't use it very often though and I will do my best to wean her!)
  10. Her fake cry (there is a total difference, and her fake cry is so sweet and kind of funny)
  11. Her sweet chubby cheeks
  12. How happy she is to see me when she wakes up
  13. How excited she gets when she hears me shaking the bottle
  14. Her 10 hour "naps"
  15. Her deep blue eyes...there is this twinkle to them
  16. How wide her eyes get when I tickle her (she knows something is going on...)
  17. Her ticklish feet
  18. The way she looks at me when I sing to her
  19. Her fro head
  20. Everthing else


Amanda said...

hey she has a lot more hair than both of my kids. Love the grape picture!

Porter Family said...

Love the pacifier. Ashlyn only ever would chew on hers. I love those kind she has because she can stick her fingers in them and chew away! Your list will only get longer.

Lacey Port said...

Thats right you were blessed with a singing voice that your baby actually wants to hear...!