Thursday, December 25, 2008

No one mourns the "Wicked"

John and I went to see Wicked earlier this week. I have been lucky enough to have seen it a few times before, but I was so excited to see what John thought of it. Well, the verdict was in and he liked it! He said that he would do it again. I was a little worried that he wouldn't like it (just a little), but when he started laughing just as soon as Glinda appeared in her bubble, I knew everything was going to be OK. We had a great time. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa "M" for hanging with Kelsi while John and I got away.


Lisa said...

Cody and I saw Wicked in Baltimore 2 years ago and loved it as well. Definitely one of the better musicals. Glad you guys had fun with family and made it to your destination finally!