Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kelsi's first day at the park

It was about 80 degrees yesterday, so Trish and I took the kids to the park. Kelsi did not seem to be that much of a fan and got pretty cranky. It may be because I woke up her up just over an hour into her 2.5 hour nap so that we could go. Grant on the other hand was soaking it up! Oh yes, Kelsi also sports a bib almost everywhere we go because I am tired of changing her clothes with her what seems like constant spit up and spitting saliva. It is supposed to be even warmer today. What a good day for a Sunday walk!


Barbour said...

just leave it when it is hot. It was a nice way to cool down.

Tamar and Trevor said...

80 degrees...I am so jealous. It is actually suppose to be over 70 by the end of the week here. It makes for much happier kids (and mom) in my house.