Monday, April 21, 2008

2nd Annual MOAB trip
John headed off last Tuesday to Moab, UT for about a week long trip with the guys to do some hard core mountain biking. John has been excited about this trip for about a year now (since he got back from his last trip there). He made it home safe and sound with only a few scratches and bruises late on Sunday. Kelsi and I sure missed him. Below is a picture of the Condo that the guys stayed at. They really like to rough it...
This is John going off one of the jumps. He got a new bike with a lot of travel especially to enjoy on this trip, so he put it to good use.
This is John with Brume(left) and Dixon (right). Better known as "The Daves".
Below is John with the rest of the crew: Joe, Reid & Dan. Nice scenery in the background.
Kelsi and I were so happy to have John home. Kelsi was a little unsure at first of who the hairy creature talking to her was (John didn't bring a razor), and wouldn't take her eyes off of me when he took her, but soon realized that it was her Daddy and started smiling and blowing bubbles at him.


Barbour said...

When is your girl trip? Fair right

Gina said...

Karina, Chris and I were in Arches last week as well. We saw lots of bikers, and lots of spandex, for that matter. Too bad we didn't see John.

Hope you're well.