Wednesday, January 06, 2010

To cut or not to cut

I keep going back and forth. Should I cut her hair or let it grow? This pic is Kelsi's hair half dry out of the bath. It's so stinkin' gorgeous. I wish I could bottle her color and she has the prettiest waves. When it is wet in the tub, it is down to her mid-lower back. It's SUPER thick.
The benefits of having it long:
1) So beautiful
2) ponytails
3)More options for hair-do's
Benefits to having it short:
1) less tangles
2) not having Kelsi scream while I "do" her hair??? (I guess she may still do this)


thewaddsquad said...

That's a toughy! I had a childhood friend with almost identical hair...then her parents decided to cut it and it grew in curlier and darker. With every cut - curlier and darker. Now she has super tiny tight ringlet-y curls and dark brunette hair. It is beautiful. Kelsi will be a DOLL no matter what length her hair is. :)

museumeg said...

I don't know. She has such gorgeous hair. My poor Jane has so little hair. But at the same time you don't want to be too aggravated. Motherhood is hard enough. Let me know what you decide.

Danny, Laura, Alyssa, and Ashley said...

put it off as long as you can stand it. we didn't cut alyssa's hair until she was almost 3 and even then it was a trim. when we finally did a significant cut at 3 1/2, she lost a lot of her curls. it was sad, but so much easier to comb. and she will still scream every time you do her hair no matter what length it is.

Sarah Explains It All said...

Keep it long but take her in for a hair "shaping" at a salon. NOT a kid salon or cost cutters. It is like $15 or $20 and they will thin it out to get some weight out of it and make it more manageable. Also, invest in a kid friendly, super gentle conditioner. A lot of people just do baby shampoo but if you condition, you get softer hair, longer between washes etc... and it is easier to manage. And a really good detangler, I think you can just add a little water to regular conditioner and spray it on, never tried it but I think that is the premise of detangler.
Kelsi's hair is GORGEOUS! I hope you leave it long but you do have options to make it more manageable.

Marci said...

then there is my sister who HATED having her hair done too, so my mom cute it in a bob/pixie cute. She then got lost in a store and was called a little boy.
It's SOOO cute long. Tough call. Aren't we all so much help.

sunlover76 said...

I guess I'm just in the odd bunch, but I find it so nice to only have to brush Amber's hair in the morning and go. It's in a bob, but still long enough to put little ponies in if we want it up for something different. I'd cut it, particularly since it looks like you pull it up a lot (in quite a few of the pictures). ...I suppose you could keep it long until she does the rite-of-passage happens to everyone! Best of Luck deciding. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish molly had half of kelsi's hair! It is beautiful. that's a tough decision. If it was me I'd probably leave it. those girls are to die for. As said above,she'll be adorable with any length!