Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My sister Shayla

My sister Shayla came to visit us and the question really is...what DIDN'T we do?

Shayla and I tried wakeboarding. We were both unsuccessful (stop laughing), but had fun trying until my wrist and Shayla's hands started hurting.

Shayla even tried the Slolam ski. I was a bit chicken to try that. The water felt GREAT!

She played with her cute niece.

We went on boat rides (I promise that I am tanned...her camera has issues).

We ate yummy "personal sized" gooeys.

We played in the lake (we missed you Kaylee!)

We jumped in the lake...

We laid out....

Shayla made Kelsi I can't keep Kelsi OUT of the water...all the way up to her neck. Thank goodness for life jackets!

We went horseback riding. It was beautiful and we both got a little saddle sore.

This is Cowboy...he was the most considerate horse ever.

We shopped, kayaked (still waiting for pics - Shayla), hiked Tubbs hill. It was so much fun. I can't wait for Shayla to come back and visit again! Love you!