Thursday, August 16, 2007

25 weeks along! I am just shy of entering my last trimester. 15 weeks seems like it is just around the corner. I had another Dr. appt this week and everything still seems fine. I am measuring well and baby girl's heartrate was 150. She has been doing a lot of kickboxing lately, usually in the afternoon and then again when I am trying to go to sleep. I was really excited to feel her move, and while it is reassuring that she is doing be honest it bugs me...(does that make me a terrible mother?) As you can tell from the picture I have gained a total of (wait for it.....) 20 lbs. I am pretty embarrassed to admit it, but I told myself that I would be honest in this blog. I have actually had a really hard time with it and even broke down in front of my doctor who tried to assure me that I was doing fine and she wasn't worried about me at all. Doesn't really help...but it was nice of her to try. John tried hiding our scale and has been a doll about everything, but do you really think he is going to admit that I look like a cow? Anyway, John and I are still undecided about a name. We like 2-3 with one leading at this point, but we are still not 100% sure. My friends are throwing me and the baby a shower on Sept. 5th, which is super nice of them. Other than that, there is really nothing new going on with the pregnancy (still sick if I don't take my medicine). I have had some siatic pain which hasn't been fun, but I am dealing with that as well. Stay tuned for next month's update! :)


Barbour said...

So don't want to hear that 20 lbs is hard. Let's say when I gained forty I was crying and it still went on to 65 pounds. The hard part was looking at myself after having the baby. I was tiny before. Oh well, I love my boys and I try to stay in shape even if the weight doesn't want to come off.

Porter Family said...

You look freaking fantastic, Karina. I can't even believe you are 25 weeks along. I probably looked that pregnant at 15 weeks...sciatic pain sucks...I had it with Payson. If it gets bad, get a PT referral to someone who does prenatal stuff, maybe find a pool since it takes the weight off of your pelvis and feels ya and good luck!