Sunday, August 24, 2008


We took a trip up to Rossland, BC last week with some friends so John could do some "EPIC" mountain biking. This included a 6 hour ride along what is called "Seven Summits" which is basically riding up the whole mountain range. I was so proud of John. They came home every day very tired and sore, but they never really seemed to get enough (until we left).

Us gals hung out in the town of Rossland and gave ourselves a little tour of their downtown area which took a total of about 15 minutes. It was a cute town.

Trish should be a travel agent, because she found us great condos that were killer deals during the summer.

We all look pretty tired in this picture...but we really did have fun.

Grant and Kelsi had fun exploring the condo (well, mainly Grant, but Kelsi loved turning herself around in circles all day)

Attack of the killer babies!!I love this picture. She looks so funny. What kind of face is she making??


Elise Norwood said...

Sounds like a fun little get away!
By the way, I saw Alli at the end of the HB pier yesterday evening. I was waiting with my sister to be seated at Rubys and out of the blue here comes Alli and her mom around the corner on a walk. Crazy.

Amanda said...

I just love that little pony tail of hers. I think it just shows her little personality so well. Canada sounds fun. We went to victoria on a boat and loved it. I wish since we were so close we would of drove over to Vancouver but we didn't. Looks nice.

Kristi said...

Cool! I'm glad you guys had a good time, and thanks for the pics...but who is the geek standing by John?

Porter Family said...

Man, you are just the traveling family, aren't you? :) Glad you've had so much fun and gotten to see some great places. Kelsi just is so stinking cute! I love the beach pics of her with your mom. Miss ya!

museumeg said...

Babies make the best little faces! Does she have a little tooth sticking out? So adorable!