Wednesday, June 10, 2009

18 months

(scrunchie face)

Kelsi bringing me her shoes so that she could go outside.

Kelsi had her wellness check up earlier this week and here are her stats:

Weight: 26 lbs. 2 oz. (76%)

Height: 34 in. (97% -atta girl!)

Head: 49 cm. (99% - this is from my mom's side of the family)

She has her own little language that I have to constantly translate for John. Her newest word is "low". As in "flower". I asked the doctor if it was OK that she only says parts of whole words and she said it was fine and that in the next 6 months her vocab should just explode. She is a sweetie, even though she has been super cranky lately. I also found out that she has a double ear infection. OUCH! Who knew? She hasn't been sick or anything...just extra cranky. She has been on her antibiotics for 3 days and they are killing her. I hate to see her in so much pain. :( I have had such a short fuse with her lately and then I feel so guilty when she runs to me with open arms because she hurts.

She still LOVES books and would have me read to her ALL day if I would. She likes to dance. She is still afraid of most things. I have recently added packing tape and elevators to the list. Silly girl.


museumeg said...

Sounds like Kelsi is doing great! I mean except for the ear infections, poor kid! I wish they could just tell us when their ears hurt. So sad! I love how babies have cute words for things. Jane calls a diaper a bipa. Sometimes I ask her to say it just because it's cute.

Tamar and Trevor said...

I love baby language! Emma use to call flowers lalas so at least low is part of the real word. Can't wait for the pictures.

Courtney said...

Packing tape?! Well, that's original!! What a cutie. :o)

Porter Family said...

Is Kelsi going to enter herself in the biggest head circumference contest that Rachel throws? That would be awesome if she won. Hope things go well with the house!! :)

Rendy Tucker said...

Karina, thank you so much for suggesting me to Darbye! I'm so excited to do her wedding! We'll be in Spokane just after the 4th of july so we'll have to get together.

The Grimmers said...

love the updates!! Ear infections are HARD- hang in there and LOVE her up!!!