Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We have had a lot of fun the last month playing with our Clarkston friends. First we had the Ponds stay with us for a few nights while they were getting their new floors put in, then the Evans came during the Labor Day weekend (SO good to see them) and then last weekend the Brumes came to visit for a few days while they took their kids to Silverwood. I am so glad that we are staying in touch and that they don't live "too" far away.
Here is Kelsi and Grant (born 5 wks apart) taking on the playground.

Those Brume kids LOVE Kelsi and the boys showered her with attention.

See what I mean about those Brume boys? Even Dave got in on the Kelsi love...
and Kelsi said "right back at ya Dave!"

Hotel Calderwood is still taking reservations! :)