Thursday, November 05, 2009

BOO to daylight savings

Poor Kelsi....she has been soooo tired lately. She is waking up between 6am-6:30 since daylight savings and we HATE it. We were running errands the other day and I came home for a few minutes before I needed to run another errand, so I put in a Dr. Suess DVD for Kelsi and ran upstairs to fold a few clothes. Literally 5 minutes later, I came out to find Kelsi asleep on the couch. This has NEVER EVER EVER happened. Kelsi ONLY sleeps in her crib or on long car rides and ONLY if she has her binky. Poor kid...she is so off schedule.
Today, she was fighting her nap, so I went upstairs and asked her if she wanted to sit with mommy. I brought her downstairs and she fell asleep on me in about 3 minutes. Again....WHEN DOES THIS HAPPEN??? I savored it for 30 minutes and then took her to her crib. What a sleepy girl.

PS: John and I are FINALLY being strict about Kelsi's binky use. ONLY in bed at naptimes and bed. She was mad about it the first day, but now she happily leaves it behind. I am taking it as a good sign that she fell asleep TWICE this week on her own without that darn bink! And so, the weaning continues....


Becca Theurer said...

Loved this and the last post. Kelsi is cute! And smart! She's going to have a great life. I'm glad you couldn't figure out how to email those videos to your family, because I totally enjoyed them.

Shayla said...

She is getting SOOO big and even cuter.