Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little projects
I have been keeping busy up in North Idaho. I FINALLY got around to whipping up some flower clips for Kelsi's hair (did I ever post about her haircut? - She hated every second of it, we cut 4 inches off, not many people can tell because her hair is still long, but it has helped with the tangles issue). ANYWAY....I haven't made any since Kelsi was like 6 months old so I made her a bunch of spring-like clips. She likes them, but she is funny about holding them. She will only hold them by the petal so she doesn't have to touch the "plant" part. Weirdo.
We also got around to installing the hardware on our cabinets. Here are a few before and afters. The knobs were a piece of cake to install, but the pulls were a little nasty. However, we love the finished product!





Oh, and I made this thing with my two little hands (don't you worry, I got a WHOLE post dedicated to this puppy at the end of this week).


Amanda said...

wow a awesome little gal you are. Love the clips, the hardware, and the bed. Where did you learn to make that bed its awesome. Great job. BTW do you want to come decorate my house its so cute. I just love your house! Sorry we are going to miss you in april maybe we will just have to do a trip up there sometime. I really want to!

museumeg said...

Look at you go! You are one talented lady! Everything looks gorgeous! I'm looking forward to the post about the bed.

thewaddsquad said...

Those clips are so CUTE!!! You'll have to teach me that one. The hardware looks awesome!! Such a little thing - but a big improvement. And the bed.....WOW!!! Lucky for me, you are one handy lady to have down the street. Great job!! :)

R Family said...

i am blown away by the bed! nicely done!!! do you do cribs? where did you find the pattern?

Lacey Port said...

Looks so good Karina! I cant wait to see your house in a few weeks :)

G-ma Manderino said...

Wow Karina, for one girl who never thought she was crafty or able to do things with your hands, your gifts are really coming out. So excited to see you and family in person in just FIVE days!!!