Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Fun
My parents flew in for a few days. It was SO good to see them. Sadly, the weather was overcast, windy and even some hail. But no weather could stand in the way of our fun!

Kelsi loved spending time with her "Gamma and Pa".

We went to Riverfront Park in Spokane. Kelsi didn't want to ride the carousel (I hope this changes by the summer when we take her to Disneyland). At first, she didn't even want to play on the SLIDE. But eventually, she was having soo much fun that we literally had to take her away kicking and screaming.

We took a gondola skyride over the Spokane falls. It was pretty, but not worth the $7. Better to walk down the stairs of the falls....less money and more exercise.

Kelsi did NOT want to take a ride in the gondola, but she ended up being fine halfway through (notice that look on her face of -" I'm going to throw up any second"). Oh yeah, she also loves sticks. So, we let her hold a few while we were on helped.

She loved talking on Pa's iPhone and scrolling through the pictures.

T for "too cute". One of her favorite things at the park was to feed the ducks and geese.

Thanks for the fun Mom and Dad. We miss you and look forward to seeing you this summer!


Tamar and Trevor said...

I think that is it funny that she likes sticks but not greenery. I am glad that you had a good time with Mom and Dad.

Marilyn & Steve said...

So sorry we missed seeing you guys. We got tired of hanging around the "tree house" as Dad calls it, so we went to a movie. Hopefully we'll see you again sometime! Hope you all had fun - looks like you did - even without us!

Tommy and Jolynn said...

Glad you had a great visit! Love that slide! Too cute!

Porter Family said...

I second Tamar's wonderment on the greenery and sticks thing. Kelsi is hilarious! I love your parents. Hope you had a good time with them. Miss you!

Amanda said...

That is the coolest slide ever! We are going to have to make trip up there. Looks like you had a lot of fun its always hard to say goodbye.
p.s. yeah i have heard about the free disneyland pass thats a great deal. Just wish we didn't have to pay for gas and food and motel. So we will hope once we have that all saved up they will have another great deal like that. (hoping :)

thewaddsquad said...

I was going to say the same thing about the sticks vs. plants. :) Hilarious. Glad you had fun!