Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre-Christmas dump
Christmas in Coeur d'Alene
Kelsi was a great helper with decorating the Christmas tree. She put all the red bulbs in one spot, and I loved it.
Kelsi only agreed to sit on Santa's lap at the very end of our ward's Christmas party when she brought her craft that she made to me and I told her to go show Santa. However, we could not get her to smile or take her hands away from her face. Cute line of the night was when Kelsi asked "Where is Santa's sleigh?" I told her it must be outside and she replied " I want to go pet his deer!" What a silly girl.
We took Kelsi to the resort to walk the boardwalk where they light up a number of Christmas light displays.

Ugly sweater parties...

Don't you love John's Bill Cosby sweater?


Time with friends...

And of course, CRAFTS! We had a craft week in October so luckily, all the crafts were finished or started then so I didn't have to worry about them now. BUT it was the worst week of the year. Too much stress for me. There are more, but some are bad.

I love vinyl. After using a cricut...I want one.

Lucily, I had a lot of scraps from Kelsi's bed, so I didn't have to purchase my lumber.

Merry Christmas to all!


Amanda said...

very cute them. Hope you guys have a wonderful Chritmas. I still hate that we are so close but yet still so far away. We have to meet up soon! love ya

G-ma Manderino said...

Precious pics! I wish you were here, but it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Kelsi's face in that first picture is priceless.
Love you all!

Josh & Carri Calderwood said...

Cute crafts! I love my cricut! It was well worth the purchase!