Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kelsi is FULL of energy and she is a true comedian. The other night, I was out and John came downstairs to see Kelsi watching "Horton" on her portable DVD player, only she was watching it through the mirror. He said that she watched the ENTIRE show like this. WHAT A SILLY GIRL!

A few other Kelsi stories:
Today after church, I asked her what she learned in Primary. She said they talked about all kinds of animals and Noah. I asked her what happened to Noah and she said, "He was on the boat with all the animals". ME: "And then what happened" Kelsi: And then the rain came, ME: And then what happened? Kelsi: And then the princesses came and helped Noah not be scared. THE END". HAHA! She is the best storyteller. I will have to get one of her many stories on video one of these days.
I almost typed another story...but I don't know if it is appropriate for this venue. Just ask me about it later if you want to know. It's pretty funny.
Now on a serious note....
Last week, I came down the stairs to see Kelsi flipping through the pages of my scriptures. I said, "Kelsi, what are you doing?" She said "I'm just reading scriptures about Jesus, do you want to read with me?". I sat down with her and she literally read (repeated after me) 12 verses in a row word for word. I kept asking her if we were done and she said, "No mommy, let's read some more!"
Today at church, during the sacrament Kelsi asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was thinking about Jesus. She then asked me for her "Reverent book" (one of the church books I bring for her to look at) and I heard her "reading" it. It went something liket his, "I think about Jesus, I think about flowers, I think about the earth, I think about Jesus and hugs". It made me think of the song I learned in Primary as a child, "....It shouldn't be hard even though I am small, to think about Jesus, not hard at all." While I have to tell her several times to please whisper and sit still during the meeting, or to get off the floor and sit like a big girl, there are several times, when I see her watching me and wanting to do what I am doing during the meeting...
"Mommy, what are you doing?"I am so blessed to be her mom. I hope I can be the example she needs. She is such a sweet girl.