Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Our little bumblebee has had a fun September. She started preschool! She goes twice a week for 2.5 hours and loves it so far. I think one of her favorite things about it is her new backpack. She hates taking it off. She is learning so many new things, she seems bigger and bigger each week.

Kelsi also started swim lessons. This season, we switched to a new teacher. Kelsi has embraced it and is doing so much better than she was in the summer. Her new teacher has a very different approach to teaching, and it is really working for Kelsi even if it isn't my preferred technique. Kelsi asks her after each lesson, "Can I come back?". In my opinion, she can go back as long as she needs to.

Her favorite thing to do so far, is to wall walk. She also loves climbing out (BY HERSELF) and jumping in and turning to grab the wall.

Here she is practicing her kicking.

Kelsi has also started Ballet/Tap. I think that this is by far her favorite activity. Today after class, she ran over to her teacher and asked if she could come back next time. When her teacher said "Yes", Kelsi said "Thank you" and gave her a BIG hug.

If anyone ever needs some extra joy in their lives...go watch a 3-4 year old dance class. Too cute for words.


Tommy and Jolynn said...

How fun!! I agree the preschool tap/ballet classes are so stinkin' cute. Kelsi is adorable and growing up!