Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trip to CA Nov- 2011

First thing about our trip to CA, was that Kelsi overcame her fear of airplanes. HOORAY! She was great on both legs of our trip. No screaming, no crying and NO throwing up all over Mommy. It was heaven. We arrived on Thursday night and Friday morning we headed to Knotts Berry Farm with the cousins, Aunt Mar & Shays and Grandma and Grandpa Manderino.

Kelsi did pretty good in Camp snoopy. She didn't want to ride the kid roller coasters, but she had fun on the other rides. I WONT mention how long it took me to figure out how to get the kids out of the truck.
Kelsi loved the Mexican Hat Dance. She laughed and laughed the whole time.

Kelsi especially had fun joking around with her cousin Kyle.


Emma is quite the daredevil and John was nice enough to go on most of the rides with her. This one, pictured below, I would never go on. It tips you straight up and then fall face forward and then around and around...I got dizzy just watching them.

See! Totally conquered her fear of flying! She's the pilot!

The next day was John's birthday (you can read about that in the previous post). Sunday we went to church and drove out to Tamar's house for dinner. (Thanks Tamar!)

On Monday, we took Kelsi to Irvine Regional Park and visited the zoo. She brushed a bunch of goats, saw bears, mountain lions, coyotes, lots of snakes and birds.

Then we let her play on one of the playgrounds while John and I enjoyed the 75 degree weather before we had to head to the airport.

Did I mention that we went to In-n-out TWICE while we were there? Yum. AND, I finally converted John. I knew his taste buds would wake up.


Amanda said...

oh my goodness she is getting so big. I am so glad the plane ride went well for you guys. Looks like a grand time. I still hope to one day meet john and kelsi!! I miss ya so much. We need to get together, or call or catch up somehow. I will give you my phone number any time. I do text too!! love ya