Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm 4!

Kelsi turned 4 earlier this month and we couldn't love her more.

She asked me a couple months prior if she could have a bunny cake when it was her birthday. VERY last minute (as in frosting and decorating RIGHT before we blew out the candles) I got it done for her and she was very happy.

Very elementary, but all that matters is that Kelsi was thrilled.

We open presents first thing in the morning. When I woke up, Kelsi was sitting amongst all her gifts and asked, "Mommy, whose presents are these?" When I told her that they were hers of course, she jumped up and yelled "OH THANK YOU MOMMY!!".

My creative girl got tons and tons of beads. She has been making necklaces, rings and bracelets ever since.

She also loves her puzzles!

At Kelsi's 4 year old check up, she got all her immunizations, so she is good until she is 11 yrs old! YAY! She is 43 3/4 in. tall (97th percentile) and 43 lbs 2oz. (92%). We love our big girl! She is very excited to be a big sister.