Wednesday, January 21, 2015

She is 7!

Kelsi was so happy to finally turn 7 like "all" her other friends. We kicked off her birthday by going to Chuck E. Cheese's with some of her friends. She had so much fun and it was so cute to watch her plays with her pals. On her actual birthday, we took her to dinner and had some of her cousins over for cake and ice cream!

 I am so honored to be the mother of this beautiful, smart, kind, tender hearted 7 year old. She challenges me in the best of ways. She strengthens me and reminds me of my purpose here on earth. I feel so humbled to be entrusted with her spirit. She is full of energy and life! I love to see how much she values her relationships in life. I love watching her mind work. She is always thinking and calculating. She is never satisfied with a simple answer. She is such a blessing. I am so thankful that June has her as a big sister to look up to!  We love you Kelsi!