Sunday, May 11, 2008

FINALLY!!! A new camera has arrived!
Kelsi gave me a new camera and photo printer for Mother's Day. I was surprised that she knew exactly what I wanted. Here are a few pictures since having the new camera.
Kelsi has been eating solids for about a month now,but I haven't really taken any pics. She started eating carrots last week and this is a picture of her enjoying her dinner. Question to mothers out there...I threw a onesie that Kelsi had spit up carrots on in the washer and it didn't come out. Should I give it a try with some special stain remover, or is it a lost cause???
Kelsi and her new saucer. She has been playing with the same model at Amanda's house every morning, so we decided to buy her one that she could call her own. She hasn't figured out how to turn herself around yet, but she loves to be upright and hang out with me while I make dinner or if I am doing my hair in the bathroom.
Fun time with Daddy. John can always make Kelsi laugh. Check out her hair. I had it in a ponytail earlier in the day, and it hasn't calmed down from sticking straight up!
Can you say, "twins"??? I am sure that Kelsi's chubby cheeks will someday lengthen out just like her daddy. (Notice the little ponytail on her head! Trish put it in a ponytail for the first time a week or so ago and since then Kelsi has refused to let me do it...I snuck it in today while John was feeding her. Sneaky, sneaky.
Kelsi and her mommy. We are really good friends.


Rob & LInder said...

Way to go on getting a camera for your Mom. I new Kelsi was a smart kid.The pictures are great. I still think she has your eyes!

Amanda said...

what a cute girl. Love the pictures. As for the onesis it might be a goner if you dried it but you could try a stain remover. I always treat my stains with dawn and it takes almost anything out. A bottle of down is on our washer we use just to put on the stain and even if I put it on and don't wash it for a day or so it still works!

Tamar and Trevor said...

Great pictures!!! Kelsi is suck a chub! The onsie is probably done for if you dried it but if you love it go out and buy a bar of Fels-Naptha. It should be on your laundry isle, it cost like $1 and it will take out ANYTHING!!! Give the stain a good scrub and then squirt it with Spray and Wash for good measure and you should be good.

Porter Family said...

amen, tamar. if that doesn't get it out, nothing will.

Karina & John said...

Well, since I am lazy I think I will just toss it. Kelsi has about 1000 onesies, so why worry? I do have some of that miracle soap though. I will definetly use it if Kelsi makes a mess of one of my favs!

museumeg said...

Hi Karina,
It's Megan Peterson (Stewart). I was so happy to see that you had a blog. You have such a cute little family, and little Kelsi...adorable! It's great to know how you are doing. I hope you don't mind if I check in on your blog from time to time.