Sunday, May 11, 2008

I hope all you mother's had a wonderful day and your husbands and children treated you with the appreciation that you deserve. John treated me very well for my first official Mother's Day ( I was prego with Kelsi during the last one). He bought me a beautiful bouquet of white flowers.

John cooked a delicious Fillet Mignon with a caramelized onion sauce. He asked me what I wanted for dinner and I tried to think of something easy for him to cook. I said, why don't you BBQ some chicken?? He looked disappointed and said, "Don't you want something special?" So, we bought some good steak and I showed him the recipe that I like for the sauce and he did a GREAT job! YUM YUM YUM! He treated me like a queen. (Debbie - you taught your son well!)
Me and John relaxing on the couch after a long day...

The joy of my life...thank you Kelsi for being the best daughter that I could ask for. I am doing my best for you...
I wanted to say a special Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to my mother-in-law. I love you both very much. Mom, thank you for always being such a strong example and rock of faith in my life. You continue to amaze me. Debbie, thank you for your example to your children. I am so thankful for your son and I know that his character can be attributed to you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family. I love you both, and Kelsi loves her grandma's!


Lakeside Eye Care said...

I want to toot my own horn and say that besides the stake tasting wonderful, the mashed potatoes/gravey, canned peaches, and cranberry juice and 7-up were all also to die for! Who knew I could do that? I was as shocked as anyone!!!