Sunday, June 08, 2008


Our dogs turned "2" today. Happy birthday to them. I can't believe how fast they have grown. I remember when we first brought them home and their tummy's touched the grass while they ran through the lawn. I am so happy that Kelsi will have these two wonderful dogs to play with as she grows up.

I had to throw one of Kelsi in here as well, since she is 6 months old today. She has her doctor appt on Tuesday, so I will update stats then! She is a pretty happy girl, except her poor baby bum is raw at the moment. We have been trying to let her go without pants as much as we can (pictures are a little inappropriate to post), I can't stand that she hurts so much, but as long as we aren't changing her diaper, she seems happy.


Rob & LInder said...

The dogs look good and Kelsi is as usual just seems like the fashion queen. I really miss all of you and thing look great on the grass.

Amanda said...

wow it look so green. There are cute dogs. I miss our lab :( rio. THe raw butt thing get some cornstarch and put it on with anything like desitine you can even buy the cornstarch in a powder bottle just a fyi if you didn't know :)

Tamar and Trevor said...

I think she should wear glasses in every picture! She is just so cute.