Monday, June 30, 2008

We haven't done anything too exciting in the last week. So, nothing too exciting to post about. But here are a few pics from the last week.
Kelsi having fun with her Dad. (I can't believe how big she is)

I got to watch the two youngest Folsom kids on Friday and Saturday. They are a lot of fun and such a help with Kelsi. John and I are considering adopting older kids to do the work for us! haha. This is a picture of Addison holding and entertaining Kelsi.

This is Claire feeding Kelsi. The only thing I couldn't get them to do was change her bum.
After we put Kelsi to sleep, the girls and I made "muddy buddies" (YUM) and watched a movie together before we went to sleep.


Anonymous said...

ah! so fun. I love those cute folsom girls! They are growing up. Kelsi is too!! she's adorable.oh and your trifle looked amazing.

Tamar and Trevor said...

Kelsi is such a cutie! I love her smile.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe how big Kelsi is getting...she looks more and more like her dad to me. Really cute little girl.