Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Twilight the movie comes out on 12.12.08. Don't get me wrong, I am going to see it...but I already know that I am going to be disappointed. I am pretty fine with Bella being played by Kristen Stewart...but I am not so sure about Edward. I knew fully well that he is supposed to be a 17 year old, but since he has lived for many years beyond that in the story and just doesn't age, I still pictured him like...like a Christian Bale type (on a side note...can't wait to see Dark Knight this weekend!)...not really a high school looking kid. Oh well, I still have my memories. I know Lacey and I are on board for opening night...if anyone else in the Clarkston valley wants to party with us, let us know (sisters - if we really like it let's see it again at Christmas!). If you haven't read the book yet, just do it already and stop fighting it. You have less than 5 months..and I promise you can finish it in a day...two if you are really busy.


Lacey Port said...

Yeah, I am so excited!!!!

museumeg said...

I think he is rather scrumptious :)

Amanda said...

I am saving up to buy the books so I can read them. And I so wish I was there so I could go see it with you. I have loved Christian Bale forever. I haven't read the books but when you said they were doing a movie that is the guy I thought of too to play him. Have fun for me.