Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ode to Clarkston

The first time I heard the name of the city Clarkston was about 3.5 years ago. I had no idea where it was, what state it was in, but only that this John guy that I casually met was moving there. Little did I know at that time that only about 3-4 months later I would be moving there. This week marks my 3rd year living in Clarkston. When John and I arrived in Clarkston, I can remember standing with him in our backyard and fighting back tears. John kept mentioning the "view". I just replied by saying "What view? It looks like covered wagons are going to come over those hills any minute". Well, it took me about a year to actually like it here. Now that I have lived here for 3 years, I have grown to....yes, love this valley. I can't imagine living in the big city any longer. I have turned into a rural girl.....not country...but rural. There are still things I miss about big cities (mainly shopping and good restaurants). Here are the top 10 reasons why I love Clarkston.

10. NO TRAFFIC (except when someone thinks that the speed limit is 25 in a 35 zone...then I complain about the traffic)

9. PARKING. I never have to pay for parking or look very hard for a parking spot.

8. Gas prices. Costco is still below $4/gallon

7. LWS airport. You can't even get through security until 30 minutes before your plane takes off. So LOW STRESS. You just stroll on in.

6. Mild winters. I used to have a different definition of mild winters, but now I am just so happy that it only snows a couple times and doesn't last more than a day.

5. Close to half of our family (2 hours to Cd'A)

4. Driving down Bryden close to sunset. What a view of the river and bluffs!

3. People are SO nice. I personally think people in CA are nice, but everyone here is just so down to earth and laid back. It doesn't seem like anyone is trying to keep up with the Jones' here.

2. Clarkston 1st ward. Hands down the best ward that I have ever been in (visiting included).

1. My friends. When I left CA, I left some wonderful friends behind. I am SO thankful for the wonderful people that I have met and who have had such an impact on my life! You all know who you are.


Rob & Linder said...

WHO ARE YOU???? and What have you done whth my daughter?
Maybe I will do a top ten reasons Clarkston isn't my favorite.
It is prety in its own kinda of weird yet special way. After 30 years when I see Clarkston I see what me first impressions of Rexburg was only colder.
I love you and glad your happy.

Amanda said...

I would love to live there. Too bad there aren't any D.I's there. It's always sounded like a nice little town.

Erin said...

I'll be moving there next week. Please make room.