Monday, September 08, 2008


I can't believe that my little girl is 9 months old. I wish I could freeze time and just enjoy her more. She loves to swing on the swing set. She has tons of fun with her daddy. John can't get enough of her. Just a couple nights ago when I was getting ready for bed, I saw Kelsi's door open and I peeked in and John had picked her up and was cuddling her on his shoulder because he said he couldn't resist. So cute.
We get comments all the time that she is such a happy baby. Overall, it is very true, however this week has been tough because her fourth tooth was cutting through.
She is so special to us and we are so thankful that she is in our lives.
I took Kelsi to her 9 month well child check up today and it was AWFUL. She didn't get her morning nap due to the time that her mom scheduled the appointment for so she was cranky going in. For the first time in Kelsi's life it took forever to see the doctor. She cried while getting weighed and measured. Cried while the doctor tried to play peek-a-boo with her, cried during her shots and cried during her lab work. I am talking SCREAMS. I have been a little concerned that Kelsi hasn't started crawling yet. My doctor said that her nerves and muscles seem fine and she wasn't concerned (even though Kelsi wasn't letting her check anything due to her screaming) and she just said that if it would ease my concerns I was welcome to bring her in for developmental testing. I am fine to wait a bit, but nice to know it was there if I change my mind. I cried a little when Kelsi had to get blood drawn for her lead and anemia check. It seemed to take the nurse FOREVER to squeeze enough blood out of Kelsi's finger. When I came out, the waiting room was FULL of concerned eyes and "awwws". One woman said "We were all crying out here for her too". This was Kelsi's hardest appt yet. I hear the 1st bday is even worse....great.
Head - 42cm (55%)
Length - 28.25 in. (75%)
Weight - 19 lbs 15 oz. (71%)
Still a pretty well proportioned girl!
Teeth: 4 (her fourth one broke through this morning. YAY!)
Finger food update: Kelsi will eat cheerios and puffs and food with chunks in them now. YAY again...but still can't pick it up on her own and make it to her mouth. I am so glad that there is progress in that department.
Mobility: no crawling or pulling up yet. She loves to stand, and sit on the floor and turn herself around in circles. She can also move around the floor by turning herself in circles...pretty funny when she is in action.
Verbal: babbles all the time. All varieties of ba's and ga's and da's...not no ma's. She said mama once about 2 weeks ago and not again since.


Rob & LInder said...

She is such a cute kid. I have the best Grandchildren. Don't worry about her not crawling she will be walking soon enough.
Oh is John going to lose the beard?

museumeg said...

She is just too darn cute! I know exactly what you mean about freezing time. I wish that all the time for Jane and Josh. I'm sorry about the doctor's appt. Those lead screenings are the worst. They really need to improve that. I mean, expecting a baby to sit still while they squeeze tiny drops of blood out to fill a vial. Nuts!

Kristi said...

Karina, she is growing up so fast! I love the pictures of her with her hair down...that is so cute! Hopefully she will be crawling soon...maybe noe hopefully for you though...they get into everything and they're hard to chase!! Ask Trisha!

Shayla said...

That dress is adorable. I think that picture came out really good. I see you found shoes =)

Porter Family said...

First of all, this is me as an actual educated Physical Therapist Asst. speaking---she is just FINE!! Some kids never crawl. Don't worry a darn bit about it. There is such a huge age range with all those developmental milestones anyway. Believe it or not, if a kid isn't walking at 17 months, it is completely normal (just an example). If you are worried because some book said she was supposed to be crawling by now, burn the book. :)

Now, as just me--she's still fine and freaking gorgeous!!! I love her smile! You're awesome!

Elise Norwood said...

Stinkin adorable little girl! Yes, don't freak out about not crawling yet. Jordan crawled "late" and didn't walk until 14 1/2 months and now I can hardly keep up with him!

Amanda said...

she is so so cute. So JIllian is on bed rest because of how swollen she is and high blood pressure. Poor girl her ankles and face are so swollen never seen anything like it. I wrote more about it in my comment back to you on my page. :)