Saturday, September 20, 2008


Kelsi has always been a fantastic sleeper. She sleeps more than she is awake during the day. However, with the combination of teething and just being more active, we are starting to fight when it comes to taking naps. She whined and yelled at me for quite a while today, but did I give in? NO! When it was finally quiet, I looked in and found this! (I moved her into a better position, don't think I am that mean). This round went to mommy!


Porter Family said...

congratulations, karina. it's the little things in life that make having kids worthwhile, isn't it? :)

Rob & LInder said...

I think she wore herself out thinking of home to get you next time.
She looks so at peace.
Take all the rounds you can as they are few and far between later.

Elise Norwood said...

That is funny and cute and "oh how sad" all at the same time. I find that when they do finally give in and you find them like this--all sleeping sweetly and soundly--it makes you forget the "battle." Kids are so unintentionally manipulative that way!

Kristi said...

Way to hang in there... it'll benefit you in the long run believe me! She'll cry half as long the next time and then half again, but it always seems like if you give in, it's twice as long and then even way to stand your ground! You're not a mean mom!