Tuesday, March 10, 2009

15 months

Kelsi had her 15 month check-up today and here are her stats.

Height: 31.5 in. (82%)
Weight: 24 lbs 13 oz. (79%)
Head: 48cm (95%)

She is off of her bottle now since she finally learned how to tip her head back when drinking out of her sippy. She says "ball", "uh-oh", & "deegs" - when referring to our dogs, and "do" when referring to her stuffed animal dogs. She also says "no" ALL the time. She is so funny. She walks up to things that she knows she isn't supposed to touch and shakes her finger at it while saying "no!" A couple of her molars broke through recently and she is just getting more and more fun. She understands a lot of things and she signs "more" and "light".

I snapped this picture of Kelsi the other day when I went looking to see what she was doing in her room. It was quiet in there and I didn't see her when I poked my head in at first...then I found her hiding in the corner.

One of her funny things that she likes to do is wear her bib around the house. She gets mad when I take it off of her. After I put her jammies on, she wanted me to put it back on her. She has some personality.


Rob &Linder said...

SHe stil is such a cutie. she is just doing so great. I don't think she can get any happier?

Shayla said...

I love that she points and says no. And I like that her hair is getting longer. Too cute. I miss her and you. Come visit me.

Amanda said...

I love love this stage. What sweet little girl.

Courtney said...

So precious, Karina!! Where does the time go?

Tamar and Trevor said...

She is in one of my favorite stages. She gets cuter with every picture.

Anonymous said...

Ha! What a cutie! I wish I could see her in person. Isn't it so fun to watch their little personalities just shine through? These girls seem to know exactly what they want, eh? I am about 11 weeks. I really would love to have either a girl or a boy. It'd be fun to start with one of each though. We'll see! Have you moved yet?